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Chapter 26Autumn Flower Award(Hanshin Shiba 2000m) is the Queen of White HairSodashiPlays the leading role of the big favorite. Losing to 8th place in Oaks and whispering distance anxiety, he defeated Hong Kong Queen Elizabeth II C-winning Loves Only You at Sapporo Kinen and regained its brilliance.

Buena Vista, the double-crowned female horse in the spring, once finished second at Sapporo Kinen, and then landed third at the Shuka Sho, but at that time, the horse had a rival called Red Desire.

Satono Reinas, who was regarded as an immediate rival, left due to a breakdown. For this year’s Shuka Sho, it is more appropriate to aim for rough strings centered on Sodashi rather than poking the corner of the heavy box.

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■ This year’s Oaks is an unusual development

Every year, the theme of the final round of the Triple Crown is the power map of “Spring Classic Group vs. Summer Rising Horse”.In addition to Sodashi this year, Oaks horsesUberleben, 2nd placeAkaitorino Musume, Oka Sho 3rd placeFine RougeI won the trial Rose Stakes in the spring classic groupAndvaranautThe rising horse of summer challenges.

The spring classic group should be considered before the horses are thrown away in the summer. The high level can be seen from Sodashi’s defeat of Kouma’s top class at Sapporo Kinen, but the problem is the turbulent Oaks, which recorded 532,180 yen for a triple.

In the race, Coolcat stood in Hana, and Sriley, Kukuna, and Sodashi were competing against it and chased immediately afterwards. The average pace was 1000m59.09 in the first half, but each horse was a front-running horse race, and in the 4th corner, 8 frames of Stellaria and Nina dress were set up early from the outside and rushed into a straight line in a horizontal line.

At the end, the leading horses including Sodashi collapsed, and the horses waiting in the rear dominated the upper ranks. The pace wasn’t too fast, but there was no scene to breathe in, and the flow was stagnant from beginning to end, making it a difficult horse race for the leading horse. In fact, compared to last year when the winning clock is near,

▼ 2021 / 2: 24.5 (Uberleben)

▼ 2020 / 2.24.4 (Daring Tact)

In the first half of this year, two 11-second cars entered, and after that, it will take 12 seconds until the straight line is reached. Last year, there was a scene where I took a breath in the 13 seconds range along the way, and the contents are different.

■ Be wary of the leading horse of Oaks stall

This year’s Oaks is clearly an advantage for inserting and driving, and it will be a bit difficult to apply the order of arrival here to the power map of the Japanese Classic Races. In fact, Haginopirina, who finished 4th in Oaks, was completely defeated by Shien S8, and Tagano Passion, who finished 5th, was completely defeated by Rose S12.

On the other hand, 8th place Sodashi, who removed the bulletin board in the early horse race, kicked the old horse at Sapporo Kinen, and 7th place Kukuna won the 2 win class against the old horse, and the leading horse that collapsed in the oaks was the next run. It has succeeded in rewinding tightly.

Of course, the 12th Silvia was still in the Shien S15, and the 14th Coolcat was in the Rose S11.

The aim is to rewind the horse that collapsed ahead of the Oaks.SodashiNeedless to say, the 13th place that was defeated in 2nd place on the wayStellariaSince is a direct production, unlike Sriley and Coolcat, there is still room for rewinding. Stellaria was a Hanshin 2000m, forgotten grass on the same course as the Shuka Sho, and later shed the Eisin Hiten in the Rose S2. If this is a monosashi, it can be seen as an ability comparable to Andvaranaut, which plays a part in popularity.

■ Uberleben disregards

Oaks horseUberlebenIs 8th in the 4th corner. This development can be said to be an aggressive horse race, but there are Fushi who are suitable for endurance competition in the first place. In addition, this time, we will evaluate it as “erased” because it is just going straight to the actual production due to a single failure.

2ndAkaitorino MusumeIs the result of collecting legs firmly with 4th corner 10th.Rolled back with Shion StakesFine RougeHowever, despite being 15th on the 4th corner, I couldn’t get a result with Oaks. The race level of Shion Stakes is questioned in the first place as the 9th through seven seeds are coming to the 2nd place because they couldn’t catch up with the oaks. These two popular animals are up to the press.

The Shuka Sho will hold down the top popularity of the Oaks runners, and it seems good to attack Sodashi, the ambush Stellaria, and the rising horses in the summer on the opponent’s main line. “Part 2In “, we will pick up a horse from the rising horse in the summer.

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▼ UMAJIN Channel “Winning! Okai Juku-Akihana Award Edition”

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