Al-Bilad Newspaper | A reckless driver assaults a policeman with an axe

Al Bilad – Shaima Abdel Karim – artist Nawaf Al Mulla:

Al Bilad – Shaima Abdel Karim – artist Nawaf Al Mulla

A man caused a traffic accident while driving his car, and when he was stopped by a security patrol, he attacked one of them with a white weapon that he was in possession of.

Details indicate that the victim, a member of the Public Security Forces, was on duty in the police patrol, accompanied by his colleague, and he asked the driver of a car that was traveling parallel to the patrol to pull over, but he refused to do so and continued driving, until he caused a traffic accident, which in turn (The victim) and his colleague got out of the patrol and rushed to the car. When (the accused) felt the arrival of (the victim) and his colleague, he suddenly jumped out of his window and fled, and (the victim) was able to catch up with him and catch him, but (the accused) resisted and assaulted him. (The victim) with a white weapon in the form of a small ax that he was in possession of, and he injured him in the finger before he fled.

When the accused was interrogated during the Public Prosecution’s investigations, he denied the charge of intentionally assaulting one of the security forces, and insisted that what he did was only a case of legitimate defense, as he did not know the reason for his arrest. The Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal set the session for September 25th to consider the appeal filed by the accused against… He was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for what was charged against him.