Al-Bilad Newspaper | Al-Dailami to Al-Bilad: Gold is a safe haven for individuals to invest in Bahrain

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Ali Al-Dailami, a specialist in economic affairs, said that there are many ways to invest in the Kingdom of Bahrain and individuals can adopt them, pointing out that the choice depends on personal financial goals and the willingness to take risks.

Among the main options that can be considered, Al-Dailami mentioned that it is real estate, as it is a popular investment in Bahrain, and residential or commercial properties can be bought and rented to obtain monthly returns, pointing out that the developed residential areas and vital commercial areas in major cities such as Manama, Riffa and Muharraq are options. good.

Al-Dailami explained, during his interview with Al-Bilad, that individuals can invest in stocks and financial markets, by buying and selling stocks, index funds, or bonds. The Bahrain Stock Exchange is a place to invest in the local stock exchange.

With regard to investing in gold, he pointed out that gold is considered a safe haven that can be used as an investment, as gold enjoys great popularity in Bahrain, and it can be purchased through jewelry, bullion, or through gold investment funds.

Al-Dailami stressed that regardless of the investment method that an individual chooses to start investing, he must consult a professional financial advisor, before making any investment decision, as the financial advisor can help him determine the appropriate method, according to his goals and the level of risk he can bear.

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