Al-Bilad Newspaper | The very luxurious Mercedes-Maybach Night Series 2024

The three Mercedes-Maybach models (EQS, GLS and S-Class) are available with new Night Series packages. The Maybach Night Series cars benefit from dark chrome exterior trim. In the Mercedes-Maybach EQS680 SUV, dark chrome is integrated into the headlights, features prominently in the lower air intakes, and is used for the Maybach logo on the black panels. The side window trim is also black.

In the Mercedes-Maybach S580 and S680 sedans, the dark chrome exterior elements extend to the tailpipe finishers, while in the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, they incorporate the upright bonnet ornament. All three cars get dark-coloured wheels emblazoned with Maybach logos, and the GLS also adds dark anodized electric running boards.

Plus, the trendy rose gold transitions from iPhone cases to cars with the Night Series cars. It appears in the headlights of all three models and on the key fob.

All three can also be had with an exclusive black and silver two-tone paint treatment, as well as a black and white monochromatic, and for the S-Class sedans, gray. Inside, Night Series models feature exclusive Nappa leather, according to The S-Class offers leather in Black Pearl, Deep White or Black Pearl with gold-gray trim. The SUV offers the Black Pearl or Black Pearl with Crystal White. The SUV also includes Herringbone Natural Wood trim with aluminum accents. Ambient lighting is for Night Series models as is a startup animation that plays across the dashboard screen.