Al Pacino’s Younger Girlfriend Applies for Custody of Son, sparking breakup rumors

Rumors of Custody Battle Arise Between Al Pacino and Girlfriend

Hollywood actor Al Pacino’s younger girlfriend, Noor Alfala (29), has recently applied to the court for custody of their three-month-old son, Roman Pacino. This news comes as rumors swirl about a potential breakup between the couple.

In her court documents, Alfala stated that she seeks joint legal custody but intends to personally care for the child. She also seeks to provide Al Pacino with visitation rights. The custody battle has sparked speculation about the current living arrangements of the couple.

Al Pacino’s representative has dismissed breakup rumors by stating, “The two have come to an agreement with each other about Roman as a child.” This statement suggests that the couple may have privately resolved their differences, contrary to public speculation.

Just days after the custody application was made, Al Pacino and Alfala were spotted having lunch with another couple at a Los Angeles restaurant. This public outing has further added to the confusion surrounding the status of their relationship.

Al Pacino has been in a relationship with broadcast producer Alfala since April of last year. Roman is their first child together, while the actor already has a daughter and twins from previous relationships. With Roman, Al Pacino becomes a father for the fourth time.

Al Pacino had previously claimed that due to a medical condition, he was unable to father children. However, after Alfala’s pregnancy, a DNA test confirmed that he is indeed the father. The birth of Roman has undoubtedly brought immense joy to both parents.

Sharing her joy on Instagram, Alfala posted a picture of Roman’s tiny hand, captioning it, “The biggest blessing in my life. Roman.” This public declaration of love and happiness demonstrates the strong bond between Al Pacino and his younger girlfriend.

As this custody battle unfolds in the public eye, only time will tell how Al Pacino and Alfala’s relationship will evolve.

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Hollywood actor Al Pacino. Reuters = Yonhap News

It has been confirmed that Noor Alfala (29), the 54-year-old younger girlfriend who became a hot topic after giving birth to a son to Hollywood actor Al Pacino (83), has applied to the court for a period of custody.

According to the United States media People on the 8th (local time), Alfala recently applied to the court for the custody of her son Roman Pacino, three months after giving birth in June.

In court documents, Alfalah said they would have joint legal custody, but would take care of the child themselves and give Al Pacino visitation rights.

Rumors of a breakup arose as Alfalah filed for custody, as well as reports that the two are currently living separately.

Regarding this, an official from Al Pacino’s side told Fox News, “The two have come to an agreement with each other about Roman as a child,” and dismissed, “A lot of people are asking, ‘Did they break up? ?

People then reported that the two were seen on the 6th having lunch with another couple at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Al Pacino has been dating broadcast producer Alfala since April last year, and after a year or so, she gave birth to his son, Roman. He has a daughter and twins from two ex-girlfriends, respectively, and Roman is the fourth child.

After learning about Alfala’s pregnancy, Al Pacino said he had a medical condition and could not have children, so he had a DNA test, which confirmed he was the father.

On the 27th of last month, Alpala posted a picture of the child’s hand on Instagram, saying, “The biggest blessing in my life. Roman.”

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