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Alain Prost praises Alonso “The best F1 driver to work for the team”[F1-Gate .com]

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Four-time F1 World Champion and key member of the Alpine F1 Team, Alain Prost praises Fernando Alonso as one of the “best drivers” of any active F1 driver.

Fernando Alonso took the podium for the first time in seven years at the F1 Qatar Grand Prix. Alonso, who took second place on the podium at the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix during the 2014 Ferrari era, left F1 once in 2018 after three unfortunate seasons at McLaren Honda.

However, this year, he returned to F1 with Alpine, who changed his name from Renault, the old nest for the first time in two years. Fernando Alonso, who turned 40, will be on the podium for the first time in 105 races at the F1 Qatar GP.

“I’m afraid I’m sharing the podium with Hamilton and Verstappen, not someone else,” Fernando Alonso told DAZN.

F1 legend Alain Prost, 66, told Auto Motor und Sport, “For me, he (Alonso) is the best driver in the field.”

“His ability to see the whole race is incredible. How to get a feel for the tires, his comments about the car, and how to feed the engineer.”

Alain Prost admits he was skeptical of Alonso’s reputation when Renault decided to sign Fernando Alonso, who had a two-year blank.

“Fernando always said he was a different person, and I have to say he was right,” Alain Prost said.

“He works entirely for the team. That’s very good for the team.”

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