Alan Jouban finishes a wonderful finish

ATLANTA – Alan Jouban did not leave a calendar year in his career without a fight at least twice. But it came in 2018 and, in addition, a neck injury which forced him from a scheduled departure and into a 14-month league.

Speaking to MMA Junkie before he returns, which will take place at UFC 236 on Saturday, Jouban explained that there were several injuries that kept him aside. Apart from surgery on his neck, he also cleaned his elbows and had some healing of the leg he had broken during a winning UFC meeting on FOX 28 with Ben Saunders in February 2018.

Surgeries, as we know, can be an alarming idea – especially for those who rely on their bodies for living. But Jouban's counting is one valuable tool to stay confident during its process.

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“I did a lot of research,” said Jouban during 236 noon day of his UFC ahead of his weight-weight card with Dwight Grant. “Of course, I spoke to UFC doctors, and I spoke to some fighters who had similar problems and similar injuries. And I was delighted to find that many of these people had much worse injuries than I did, but they became very strong and I now have a great career. And they are still competing until today, a lot of people in the UFC.

“When I heard that, never before, I am not with someone who tests new waters, that people are injured and that this sport is still going on, I felt very confident. . So I sought one of the best doctors in L.A., whether it was done. ”

Jouban says he was really cured for a while, but he wanted to put in a good three-month camp. It is not generally liked, as a longer camp means that it is more likely to be able to escalate an injury, but Jouban says it is a confident worker.

“He showed me that I went through a hard wallet, I went through a hard run,” said Jouban. “I trained smart, but I was able to weigh it. I feel stronger than ever. I found my body working the way it did already – probably even better it, now that I am cleared up. So I'm excited, man. He showed me that I am ready to roll his roll. ”

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Probably the coupling of Saturday is not the only one Jouban (16-6 MMA, 7-4 UFC) is expected, without considering a Grant (9-2 MMA, 1-1 UFC) that was not worth first UFC doing it by the time that Jouban's layoff began. And Jouban admits that he knew little about his enemy before he said to the motion.

However, “Brahma,” which is not usually about competition, is two concerns for this one: location and time. After a few international trips, he wanted to tackle U. And, between his recovery time and his upcoming camp and film project, he had basically a two-week window.

Jouban was ready to deal with anyone who could meet these conditions, but things did well.

“I was thinking, 'OK, maybe we won't be anywhere near the pay attitude, which I know, I am absent, it's kind of a newer man,” said Jouban. “They threw us against the payment. I think they knew what they were doing. You get two men who are ready to stand there and hitting.

“It is very much evolving, it has gained power. The UFC knows what I find on the octagon. Anything can happen, but I think they know that this fight should be delivered to everyone. ”

Jouban has no pressure, but is a great opportunity. It is on a key pay-to-view card, against an opponent that Jouban believes he can eliminate “great fashion.”

And while Jouban believes that the layoff stopped the momentum he started building with the highlight over Saunders, he also sees a golden opportunity to claim it again.

“Coming here on Saturday night, do the best thing I do, finish this fight, put it right back to where I want to be,” said Jouban. “Then I can look after my business outside the octagon. And then I want to lobby for a main event.

“… After this fight, I want to go to the bar, with (Seambyby), the UFC Player, I'm sure I'll get it there. And the main event spoke. Add a bit of Darren Till's disturbance, talk to him at the bar and see what we can catch up with. ”

For more information from Jouban, see the full interview above.

And for more on UFC 236, see the UFC part of the site.


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