Alastair Cook opposes Kohli’s claim that it is the batsmen, not the pitch, who are at fault

Ahmedabad: Former England captain Alastair Cook has joined the controversy over the pitch in the third Test between India and England, which ended in two days. After the match, Indian captain Virat Kohli had said that it was not the pitch at the Narendra Modi Stadium that was missed by the batsmen. Kohli made it clear that the pitch was easy to bat in the first innings and only the old ball was turned.

But Cook came to the scene questioning Kohli’s position that the pitch was not a problem. Cook said batting on the pitch at Narendra Modi Stadium was difficult. After the match, Kohli defended the pitch. Whatever it is, it is up to the BCCI. But the fact is that it was a difficult pitch to bat on the second day.

Therefore, it is not acceptable to blame the batsmen alone for changing the pitch. When it comes to batsmen learning to play on the spin pitch, even batsmen who play spin as beautifully as Virat Kohli and Joe Root can not pretend that they have not found it difficult to hold on to this pitch.

Ahmedabad had the most turned pitch in India. Some of the balls went straight without turning. But every time I made a turn, there was a big turn. Cook also said that the ball was often seen skidding on the pitch.

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