Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Drugs, High Risk, Covid Addiction

Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Drugs, High Risk, Covid Addiction

January 22, 2021 at 4:01 p.m.

Reminds me of COVID-19 abuses, the high-risk sources of gamblers, drinkers, smokers and drug users gathered in enclosed spaces, becoming a common source of the epidemic.

At the Mandarin Hotel Network for Youth Reducing Risk Factors in collaboration with the Alcohol Problem Research Center Addiction Study Center (NESK), the Stop Gambling Foundation, sponsored by the Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health Promotion Foundation), organized a forum for “Abaamuk (alcohol, cigarette, gambling, drugs) vs COVID-19 risks. That can be avoided “in this event there is Simulations of teenagers setting up groups on drinking, smoking and gambling on COVID-19 risk By the youth volunteer group

Assoc. Prof. Ratsamon Kalayasiri, Department of Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Manager of NESDB and as an academic of the Center for Alcohol Problems Research said that the ERA, in collaboration with the Center for Social and Business Development Research (SAB), to explore the risks and behaviors of alcohol and tobacco use in 2020, found that the use These substances are so worrying. With cigarettes being used by 22.4 percent While alcoholic beverages, 38.9 percent of people drink, 0.4 percent amphetamine, kratom leaves, 2.5 percent marijuana, these substances have effects on the body as a whole, such as cigarettes, more than 10 types of carcinogens, causing chronic lung disease, emphysema, lung cancer. Even if you are infected with COVID-19 The more severe the effects on the respiratory system.

In addition, people with opioids such as heroin that affect the central nervous system. If found in someone with COVID-19 And use high amounts of substances The greater the risk of apnea and death for people who drink alcohol. Will have a damaging effect on the liver When used for a long time, the liver becomes hard. And eventually liver cancer And there are many other cancers that are associated with drinking alcohol. Even if people with pulmonary tuberculosis If drinking, the symptoms are very severe.

“People who smoke Drink beer And using drugs can spread COVID very quickly, for example drug users need to use in a closed facility. Sharing equipment is required. Increased risk of infection In the casino you will find more substance use than in other areas. When symptoms of intoxication, unconsciousness decreases Lack of restraint Stay in the area for longer and longer In addition, people who use drugs. Most are in an inappropriate living environment. No sanitation and cleanliness care And when addicted to drugs, it is easy to get into the vicious cycle, so everyone wants to be careful about partying, setting up a drinking circle. And should avoid using addictive substances For those who want to quit alcohol, tobacco and drugs, can contact help channels. The drug cessation hotline at 1165, the alcohol cessation hotline, tel. 1413, the smoking cessation hotline, tel. 1600, ”said Assoc.

Thanakorn Khomkris, secretary-general of the Stop Gambling Foundation, said that what is in the current wave is that there are a handful of Thais who are gambling in casinos. Take yourself to a casino, such as a house casino, a funeral casino, or a famous casino in the city. Including the border Some of which are still open Especially in the eastern region Of course, in a casino it is already a low card area. Not spaced, wearing masks and touching objects together, there is a chance for merrymaking. Casino gamblers are therefore “at risk” because they may transmit the infection. And often have risk behaviors including gambling, drinking, smoking and traveling to risky areas such as pubs, bars, massage parlors that are closed places. Not ventilated Some gamblers’ timeline has traveled themselves with COVID-19. Hundreds of kilometers away

“The government sector must not fall cards. Stay at risk areas Both offline and online areas are looking to expand the market all the time. It is interesting to understand that more Why? In all these high-risk situations now? Why would someone dare to gamble? If in the investigation process keep this information as well May make society better understand the group of players. And work with them exactly In addition, this opportunity should be used to encourage gambling addicts to systematically enter the process of treating their gambling addiction, ”said Thanakorn.

Mr. A (Nam Chang), a youth who has experienced drugs, said he had made a mistake. Meddled with drugs since Secondary 1 Starting from drinking alcohol, smoking. Harder turning to drugs and trading Used to consume up to 10 tablets per day When going into the cycle of life, it continues to deteriorate. Than to stop using and stop all abuses Family life almost broke From the lesson, I would like to remind the youth of the COVID-19 situation where everyone is already living difficult life. Must not be careless Stop putting yourself in a risky area. Stop mingling groups of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs that are currently in a serious epidemic. Because even the place is closed Hidden place Using tools and equipment Even more spreading the infection Redundant risks, both substance abuse and COVID, people around you are also at risk. The more repetitive, the more difficult the problem grows. So we have to start with ourselves. Manage yourself, stop or step back from the drugs. Abuse is a risk That we can avoid Keep it safe from COVID

Mrs. Naianael Joroh, chairman of the community of Wat Sawat Waree Simaram, Dusit District, Bangkok, said that in the past, used to drink alcohol, smoke and get involved in a casino. Therefore, it is well known that such places are a source of disease transmission. Due to the large number of people gambling Crowding each other in a poorly ventilated room They also drink and smoke together. Unhygienic food and drinks are served. Even more, the current situation of COVID-19, if you still mix with gambling Smoking and drinking in the casino Still doing the same behavior It is considered to be a high risk of contracting and transmitting COVID-19.

Therefore, we would like to ask for cooperation for all gamblers and smokers to help stop such activities. Stay home, relax, take care of yourself Do not go out to join groups to aggravate the economy. Should take into account the family and society a lot. All kinds of vices in addition to destroying physical health, mental health Destroyed the economy and relationship in the kitchen Also increase the chance of own infection and spreading infection to others No matter how close we are in that group, we cannot know if he has come to a risk area or not. Has he touched an infected person? Or he may be addicted but not showing symptoms Which the best way to think about it is to think that There are infected people near us. Protect yourself as best not to put the body into the sound of the band, gambling, drugs. And people who are addicted should take this opportunity to reduce and quit


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