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Alex Albon placed as mentor for Red Bull F1 and Yuki Tsunoda[F1-Gate .com]

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Red Bull F1 has given reserve driver Alex Albon a role to help AlphaTauri Honda F1 rookie Yuki Tsunoda settle down in his life as an F1 driver.

Yuki Tsunoda made a strong impression in his debut by scoring points at the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix, but since then he has won a total of six times, but mistakes are scattered and the ups and downs are intense, especially until the middle of the season. It’s the season.

Red Bull F1 is known for being ruthless to junior drivers, but fortunately Yuki Tsunoda, a training driver for his partner Honda, has been given time.

Franz Tost, the team’s representative for the AlphaTauri Honda F1, said Yuki Tsunoda had only two years of international single-seater experience to reach F1 and has never raced on many tracks this year. He points out and continues to defend that mistakes are inevitable.

And Red Bull F1 did not lose trust in Yuki Tsunoda and decided to remain in AlphaTauri in 2022. In addition, the team’s reserve driver Alex Albon was assigned to support Yuki Tsunoda.

Alex Albon, who was a Red Bull Racing driver until 2019, is understood to be in a position to provide advice in an informal way from his own experience, rather than a role as a driver coach.

Alex Albon, who has decided to return to F1 at Williams next year, listens to the session’s radio communications over the race weekend, participates in engineering briefings and provides advice.

Yuki Tsunoda feels like he knows how to run fast and race hard, but it takes more work to take advantage of that speed and tell the race engineer how he feels in the car. It is believed that.

Alex Albon’s support is an unusual move for Yuki Tsunoda to speed up integration with AlphaTauri, spend more time with engineers and move to Italy, AlphaTauri’s home base, to educate him as an F1 driver. It follows.

Franz Tost is one of the best coaches for young drivers, and since the team joined F1 as Toro Rosso in 2006, he has run 15 drivers on behalf of the team and has spent a considerable amount of time working on the track. Are spending.

Yuki Tsunoda has had the cleanest weekend so far this season at the F1 US Grand Prix and finished in 9th place, the first point since summer vacation.

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