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Alexander Skarsgård becomes the Thor of the MCU in Alternate Universe Artwork

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Digital creator artoftimetravel has uploaded incredible art to Instagram showing actor Alexander Skarsgård as Thor from an alternate universe.

Stunning new fan art shows actor Alexander Skarsgård as an alternate universe Thor. Thor’s last appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was in the explosive Avengers: Endgame. End of the game Not only was it a huge critical and commercial success, but it brought together heroes from across the MCU for one final showdown with Thanos.

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has been a fan favorite in the MCU since his initial debut in 2011. Since then, the God of Thunder has been through his fair share of adventures, from taking on a key role in the Avengers to tackling the crazy Hela. After Thanos’ infamous snap, Thor is seen as an overweight, depressed shadow of himself. However, he manages to regain his trust after the Avenger’s robbery; at the end of the film, Thor wields Stormbreaker and Mjolnir in the Battle of Earth. Now, Thor will have yet another solo film, with Thor: love and thunder expected for the first time in 2022.

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Digital creator artoftimetravel has designed some great fan art with Skarsgård as the Thor from another universe. In the Instagram post, Skarsgård wears Thor’s iconic costume, complete with his winged helmet. Artoftimetravel also included scratches on Skarsgård’s face, implying he was just in a fight. Behind him, lightning crackles in the stormy sky, showing the powers of the Son of Odin. You can see the amazing work of artoftimetravel below:

While Hemsworth will still play Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder, The creation of artoftimetravel is a nod to the MCU multiverse, which will be further explored in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The upcoming film will star Benedict Cumberbatch as titular Doctor Strange, who begins to unravel the many mysteries of the multiverse. As such, this leads to the distinct possibility of Strange meeting familiar heroes from different realities. While it’s unclear if Strange will stumble upon Thor from another universe, it’s undeniable that Skarsgård definitely has the part.

That said, Skarsgård was in the running to play Thor years ago. According to Skarsgård, he had even met with Marvel’s Kevin Feige multiple times during the audition process and was very disappointed when he was left in Hemsworth’s favor. Still, while Skarsgård has once lost his interpretation of Thor, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be back in the running if the opportunity presents itself. As such, even though Hemsworth eventually got hold of the part, perhaps the multiverse is Skarsgård’s second chance to play Thor – even if from a different universe.

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Source: artoftimetravel / Instagram

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