Alia Bhatt Faces Backlash for Lipstick Removal Method: Is it Toxic or Cute?

Alia Bhatt’s Flawless Fashion Sense Shines Through in Viral Lipstick Video

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has once again captivated her fans with her impeccable fashion sense and stylish looks. In a video that has gone viral on social media, Alia shares her unique lipstick application technique, which has sparked mixed reactions from netizens.

In a recent video shared with Vogue magazine, Alia delves into her preference of removing lipstick shortly after applying it. Demonstrating her skillful application, she explains how she delicately dabs the color to achieve a slightly faded effect. Surprisingly, she reveals that this choice is influenced by none other than her husband, Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor.

According to Alia, Ranbir has never been a fan of lipstick and prefers to see her in a more natural hue. This preference hasn’t changed since their dating days and continues to hold strong in their marital bliss. Alia charmingly discloses that she always obliges her husband’s request and defaults to her natural lip color.

However, this video hasn’t been without its fair share of trolls. Critics argue that Ranbir’s influence on Alia’s choice to remove lipstick showcases a toxic relationship dynamic that deserves attention, rather than the focus on a mere cosmetic preference. Many voices on social media are urging against glorifying toxic behavior and emphasizing the need for healthy relationships.

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Alia Bhatt is an actress who has surprised her fans with her fashion sense and stylish looks. One of the most beautiful Bollywood beauties to appear on stage. Alia’s video of applying lipstick is going viral on social media. Alia said in the video that after applying lipstick, she always dries a little bit to change the dark color. But the video is full of trolls.

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In a video shared with Vogue magazine, Alia explained the reason for removing the lipstick shortly after application. Alia explained how she applies the lipstick and after applying it, she rubs the color in a bit to fade it. She also said that her husband Ranbir does not like to wear lipstick and she always asks her to remove it. Alia explained that her husband likes to see her lips in a natural color and Ranbir was like this even when he was a boyfriend.

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The video gets a lot of trolls. There have been criticisms that your husband is toxic and this is the type of relationship that needs to be removed, not lipstick. Social media is saying that Alia’s toxicity should not be glorified and that it is not so cute.

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