Alice Meme’s exclusive “FF7” PC version of the folding chair Mod is here 🪑 | 4Gamers

After the exclusive listing of “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE” on the Epic Games Store on the 16th of this month, although there have been price disputes, there are still many interesting mods made by various players. Among them, the “Chaerith” Alice weapon mod has reproduced the Internet Memes, full of fun.

“Chaerith” comes from the cutscenes of Tifa and Alice who are separated from Klauzi in the bridge section of the selected concubine of Gurugeno. Among them, Alice smiled and picked up a folding chair to knock out the enemy during the fight, which occasionally became an internet meme, and even extended the name “Chaerith” (Chair+Aerith).

Even Briana White, the voice actor of the English version of Alice, did not forget to pay tribute to the trainer of the Department of Physics when he cosplayed Alice in person.

Originally, Alice’s weapon was a long stick, which was mostly taken with one hand, so it seemed a bit uncoordinated when applying the Folding Chair Weapon Mod, but this mod was originally mocked>reasonable, and players who like the “Chaerith” meme can upload Come and have fun.

As the usual disclaimer, generally the game development team does not encourage model changes. Players must bear their own computer security risks before installing the mod files in the workshop.

“Chaerith” Mod download page



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