All England Tournament” Tai Ziying defeated Thailand’s Busa Nanshou and played 13 consecutive victories and bravely entered the top 8 women’s singles-Free Sports

Dai Ziying. (file photo)

[Reporter Lin Yuefu/Comprehensive Report]Tai Ziying, a Taiwanese sister who had been on a 2-month hiatus, defeated Thai female player Busanan at 21:19 and 21:12 in the first match of the Super 1000 Series All England Badminton Open in the early hours of this morning. Women’s singles top 8.

Tai Tzu Ying, who was on hiatus after finishing the Malaysia Open in January, defeated South Korean female player Kim Ga-eun at 21:10 and 21:12 in the first round, quickly and easily accepted the 7-year victory in the match, and broke into the top 16 of the women’s singles. In the past 17 confrontations between Xiao Dai and Busanan in his career, he has achieved 14 wins and 3 losses, and has also maintained a 12-game winning streak.

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Dai Ziying took a 10:5 lead in the first game, but Busanan took the lead with 9 consecutive points. Xiao Dai, who had a last stand, was not afraid of falling behind, and responded with an 8:2 offensive lead at 10:14. Achieving a 19:18 lead, Xiao Dai still took the lead in chasing 3 points to win the first game.

With the momentum of winning the first game, Dai Ziying did not give Busanan too many chances in the second game, and almost kept the lead all the way. She won the top 8 tickets beautifully. Xiao Dai will face the Chinese player He Bingjiao in the next round.

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