All Feud Jeffree Star and Kardashian / Jenner Since 2016

While Jeffree Star claims he is "bored" of the Kardashian / Jenner family, it certainly makes a lot of money to stop them. The makeup mogul and YouTuber have been meeting and leaving various members of the family years.

Because of this, it is hard to sort out where they all stand. Is there still beef with Kylie Jenner? Is it a Team of Khloe Kardashian or Team Jordyn Woods? And is it still a KKW Beauty Kim Kardashian mailing list?

At the forefront, I am responding all that and more, with a comprehensive timeline at a breakdown (almost) each time Jeffree arrives in public with someone in the Kardashian crew.

March 2019

Jeffree requires that Kylie received a bid Forbes feature because it turned down it

After saying that Jordyn Woods and Trou Thompson wanted to say that the situation was bad, Jeffree took a job Star at Kylie Jenner.

It all started when Kylie had a new feature with him Forbes fell. The story She dives into her presence as the youngest billionaire on earth, again with the controversial title of "self-made." had some problems with this, because it was a huge success because it was already a reality TV star, so they took Twitter to spend a little shadow.

Jeffree Retweeted, claiming that he requested it Forbes do a similar element, but refuse it.

Jeffree tells Khloe Kardashian “stop acting as the trash doesn't have your man” t

Jordyn Woods surprised the world when she joined Facebook's Red Table Talk and claimed that she and Tristan Thompson were sharing a kiss but no more. Khloe Kardashian decided on Twitter, saying: "If you are going to save yourself by going in public, YOU CAN ENJOY THE FIRST, at least ABOUT your story. family up! "

NO YES Khloe wasted on Jeffree and took six minutes public litter from Khloe from his response.

Then the YouTuber took it upon himself to check facts to make a Jordyn interview, calling him "full of lying."

It followed the tweets with injection video, where it was Seriously he released the tea on their alleged relationship. He claimed that "Tristin and Jordyn" were going up to a month or two "and then they spoke very much to the Kardashian family.

"Tristan – it's a glossy piece of sh * t. We already know that's right? We already know that. For some reason, Khloe doesn't want to recognize that – you can't blame a Jordyn, miss this thing, "he told Instagram Stories. "I'm so bored of these people and I'm sorry that I'm even giving two extra minutes of my light to me …"

He put the rant up with this little show: “Now what Khloe and Tristan need to do is the F * CK UP to stop, to turn off your iPhones, and focus on joint parenting.

July 2018

Jeffree includes Kylie Cosmetics in "Full Face of Brands I Hate Me"

Jeffree mentioned multiple brands in his brutally honest video (Too Faced Cosmetics competitors and Kat Von D Beauty, to name a few), but Kylie Cosmetics was the only brand that got more than one reference.

Many things were told about the Kylie makeup naming empire, but probably Jeffree's views were the brand in general.

"I don't think so much there [Kylie Cosmetics] products are being put out and it is no more exciting. It is a kind of indifferent and I am just like the brand at the moment, "he refused.

"Maybe that will inspire me in the future, maybe not, but now I like it."

April 2018

Jeffree makes Kylie her shades and Kim is praised

In a review of Mario Kim's KKW Beauty collection, Jeffree slides in a fast bondage in Kylie to remove it from his press list.

Before even the video begins, Jeffree opens with: "Now I know you thought there are shady gowns just like Kylie, that Kim took me from the PR list – she can really take some criticism."

It concludes the review for approval of Kim's makeup set.

February 2018

Kylie Jeffree takes Kylie Cosmetics press list

It seems that Kylie had lots of Jeffree's play! In Twitter rant erased now, Jeffree confirmed alongside the vomiting emoji, it is no longer the press list for Kylie Cosmetics. This means that he can say goodbye to sending early reviews and a free product to his door.

December 2017

Jeffree makes Kylie holiday makeup line relieve

When Kylie drop a makeup brush $ 360 for the holidays, there were many comments about the internet about (mostly bad part). But even when Kylie got the thorough behavior on Twitter, Jeffree's views were probably the most recessive thing.

In one Tweet, to delete it later, JS wrote: "Are the new makeup brushes @kyliecosmetics made of animal hair? Is that why they are so expensive ??

The vlogger also came for a 30 shadow Kylie concealer collection, adding that she had to package her liquid lipstick to be copied.

He deleted the tweet.

Jeffree says Kylie Cosmetics fans are “paying for a famous name too hyped”

Having tried the ultra-high brush collection, Jeffree had more ideas about the matter. "Not even the price set with the old vegan, the aluminum money f *** ing money," he said in one of the YouTube videos he had about Kardashian / Jenner family.

"I think you're paying for too many hype names and the price – I all know that we're all like & # 39;the price'- I don't think it's really worth it. "

August 2017

Jeffree enjoys Kim's rivets

Kim announced that KKW Beauty would be releasing their contouring powder package for the first time and gave Instagram the disturbance of the new product.

Jeffree came on her behalf immediately, Tweeting: "Umm … Kim what's going on with the new swatches ?? looks like chalk."

Later, he said: "I never see there are pebbles and so I have to try the @kkwbeauty on my face for a final verdict but … I don't see it so far."

Kim fans invaded Jeffree from the unnecessary dissatisfaction, but Kim did not have her. She published Snapchat, asking Jeffree fans to lay off.

"Guys, I see that my fans are completely turning on someone like Jeffree Star out of being, you honestly know about my crisis shock," she said laughing. "But because of his statement, I am learning from the best, like Mario, how to swatch properly."

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians The star then referred to Jeffree's previous racist views, asking his fans to forgive and forget.

"I see [my fans] be so small taking things from the past in which he was, you know, negative, but he also apologized for those things. And I find it serious if you say racist things but I believe that people are changing and people who have apologized, I will benefit them from doubt. "

She stopped the video to call Jeffree, clearing the air and letting everyone know that there was no drama between them.

"I honestly welcome, you know, comments about my product and because of that I'm swinging better now. So everyone goes from her ass, and we don't see that negative. Love you, Jeffree!"

Jeffree made a lot of money from the statements, following videos with the tweets with over 6 million views.

May 2016

Jeffree informs Kylie that his meat equipment is overcharged

During a discussion of Kylie's new liquid lipsticks with Racked, Jeffree said: "She got a lab that makes a $ 5 formula and called them ColourPop."

"If the product did not come into effect, I would have nothing to say," he continued. "I just gave my honest review."

Jeffree seems to get Kylie subtitles

Less than a week after his Racked interview was published, Jeffree fell some serious subtitles. Because of the time, many believe that the posts were under Kylie.

April 2016

Jeffree Tweets picture of lip lipids “unacceptable” Kylie Cosmetics

While Kylie has already tackled her polished brushes, announcing that she would change the design of the applicants, Jeffree still decided to register his own complaints about the product.

Kylie Cosmetics seems to have received video about his views by expanding more on their plans to resolve the issue.

Shortly afterwards, Jeffree pointed out that there is no drama, he needs a quality product.

Kylie answered a tweet (for one time), and made it clear that there is no hatred between them.

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