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“All of you will be fine” Taewook Kim, former announcer dies

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SBS Love FM’Kim Tae-wook’s Pleasant Night’ side mourned the late Kim Tae-wook. [사진=SBS ]

[아이뉴스24 조경이 기자] “All of you will be fine”

Former SBS announcer Kim Tae-wook died at the age of 61.

On the 5th, an SBS official said, “Kim Tae-wook, former deputy director of SBS announcer, died at home on the 4th,” and said, “The autograph has not yet been revealed. I think it will be possible to know only by performing an autopsy.

On the 4th, former announcer Kim said, “Spend this night comfortably and say hello to Kim Tae-wook’s pleasant night while listening to Ahn Chi-Hwan’s’I love today.’ Said.

An official from SBS explained, “The radio has been broadcast in a pre-recorded manner.”

On the homepage of’Kim Tae-wook’s Pleasant Night’, the phrase’Please refrain from and wish the deceased’ was written. Announcer Ki-hwan Choi, who broadcast on behalf of the deceased on the 4th, said, “Please don’t forget the former announcer Kim.”

Former announcer Kim Tae-wook is the youngest son and youngest son of Kim Sang-hwa, a poet who enjoyed the culture and arts from the 1950s to the 1970s, and the youngest brother of the late Kim Ja-ok.

Tae-wook Kim, who started broadcasting as a CBS public announcement in 1987, passed as the KBS 16th public announcement in 1989, and was active as the 1st SBS announcer, which was opened in 1991. He served as deputy director of the announcer team from 2014 to 2019, and retired from retirement last August.

Former announcer Kim Tae-wook has been communicating with listeners by acting as a DJ for’Kim Tae-wook’s Pleasant Night’ even after retirement last year.

/ Reporter Jo Kyung-i ([email protected])


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