All-out war until late at night…”Stability theory” vs “Constraint theory”

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The main voting for the 6.1 local election started at 6 am today.

The opposition and opposition parties fought all-out until late last night.

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The ruling party emphasized the theory of stability in the new government, while the opposition party emphasized the theory of government checks.

Correspondent Ho-Chan Lee.

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In Gyeonggi, the biggest battleground of this election, the campaign between Kim Dong-yeon and Kim Eun-hye continued until late at night.

[김동연/더불어민주당 경기지사 후보]

“I will make Gyeonggi-do the center of change in Korea. It’s not like a father’s chance or a mother’s chance, but I’ll give Gyeonggi-do a chance to play.”

[김은혜/국민의힘 경기지사 후보]

“I will light up their darkness in this world, and create your world, the world of Suwon citizens, and our true world. Everyone.”

As in the ultra-thin regions, the two candidates met with citizens in person before midnight to appeal for their support.

The People’s Power emphasized that the victory of this local election is the completion of regime change, and that a ‘budget bomb’ will be possible only when the candidate of the ruling party is elected.

Also, along with the theory of national stability, I raised my voice to judge the Democratic Party of Oman and South Korea.

[이준석/국민의힘 대표]

The only way to judge (the Democratic Party) is for all of you to go to the voting booth without leaving a single one behind and run for the success of the Yun Seok-Yeol government of the Republic of Korea.

The Democratic Party of Korea (Democratic Party) promised to reform and change the party after the election, and encouraged supporters who were frustrated after the election loss to vote.

[박지현/더불어민주당 공동비상대책위원장]

“Tomorrow is the day when you, who were frustrated, can watch TV again. Tomorrow, the day the Democratic Party starts again. Everyone.”

The Democratic Party, which held its last campaign in Yongsan Station Square near the presidential office, emphasized the ‘checking theory’, saying that the Yun Seok-yeol administration should not monopolize even the local government.

On the other hand, the Justice Party called for one vote for the realization of a multi-party system, saying that the theory of stability and checks and checks is just a political battle between the two parties.

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