All over the world praised! FIVB announces Kim Yeon-kyung, rubber ball hitter of 2021 (pictures)

Kim Yeon-kyung, former South Korean volleyball player and captain became an eye-catcher again after being chosen by The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) has been named the World’s Player of the Year for 2021.

By the website of the International Volleyball Federation Has announced a list of the best players of the year 2021 out of all 12, of which number 1 goes to the young female rubber ball hitter. who have performed excellently over the past year. After taking the South Korean national team qualified for the Olympics for the third time, even after finishing only 4th in the competition

For Kim Yeon-Kyung decided to officially announce his retirement from the national team last year. Currently under Shanghai Bright in the Chinese League, she started her playing career in her homeland in 2005 with Incheon Heungkook Live Pink Spiders before joining JT Marvelous. in the Japanese League in 2009, then moved to play in the European League with Fenerbahce Grundic in the Turkish League for six years, winning numerous trophies.

The 33-year-old rubber ball hitter is considered another foreign athlete that Thai fans are well known for, with Thai fans who like her very much. She is also the first volleyball player in the world to have more than 1 million YouTube subscribers, and YouTube sent a Golden Play badge in celebration of her.

Women’s Volleyball Player of the Year 2021
1. Kim Yeon-Kyung (South Korea) pole position
2. Justin Wong – Orantes (USA) Libero
3. Paola Igonu (Italy), second position
4. Tiyana Boskovic (Serbia), second position
5. Carol Gattus (Brazil) Quick ball position
6. Jordan Larson (USA) pole position
7. Gabi Gabriela Guimares (Brazil), the pole position
8. Arena Fedorovseva (Russia) pole position
9. Jordine Poulter (USA), set hand position
10. Makris Carneiro (Brazil), hand position
11. Ada Erdem (Turkey) Fast Ball Position
12. Isabelle Hag (Sweden) position B back


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