All policies proposed by the Jeonbuk Office of Education and Student Council are reflected in next year’s budget

The Jeollabuk-do Office of Education decided to actively support all three policies proposed by the student council by reflecting them in next year’s budget.

The Jeonbuk Student Council held its 2nd regular meeting on the 8th and deliberated and resolved 3 policy agendas for each department proposed through the extraordinary meeting (subcommittee).

The agenda presented for this regular meeting was △career experience programs and support for professional instructors △student self-governing workshop operation △support for outdoor lighting (streetlights) installation in the school. The progress of the agenda was reported, and the agenda was deliberated and voted on.

ⓒ Jeonbuk Office of Education

The Provincial Office of Education said that the career experience program and professional instructor support will be expanded and reorganized into a ‘school-specific career program’ that all students can experience, not a program in which some students participate, and will reflect students’ opinions when establishing program operation plans and reflect them in the plan. .

The operation of the student autonomy union workshop is a policy to increase the student autonomy revitalization budget in 2024 and support the education support office to supervise and operate it.

In addition, the support for the installation of outdoor lighting (streetlights) on campus checked the operation status so that student safety was not compromised, and if additional installation or repairs were needed, the relevant budget for 2024 was reflected to ensure student safety.

Ji Soo-jin, head of the steering committee of the student council, said, “The Provincial Office of Education shows the will to promote the policy we proposed, so I look forward to the future of Jeonbuk education.”

Choi Heon-ho, student chairperson, said, “Looking back on the activities of the student council in the first half of last year, I once again feel a sense of mission as only students, only policy.” I hope you will be active,” he asked the student council members.

Seo Geo-seok, superintendent of education, said, “While observing the activities of the Jeonbuk Student Council, such as temporary meetings, regular meetings, workshops, and discussion meetings, I am confirming once again that ‘our students are very talented and capable.'” We will actively support it so that it can be reflected next year, and I ask that you continue to grow and realize the value and power of a democratic citizen through student council activities.”

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