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All preparations have been completed to open schools in Saudi

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Riyadh Saudi Arabia, First Published Aug 22, 2021, 11:42 PM IST

Riyadh: With public schools in Saudi Arabia set to open on the 29th of this month, preparations are complete for schools across the country. Teachers also started arriving at schools a week ago as per the order of the Ministry of Education.

Steps are being taken to bring children above the age of 12 directly to schools and start classes. Class-based teaching of students is resumed in educational institutions such as high schools, secondary schools, colleges, technical schools and polytechnics. The schools are set to reopen in Saudi Arabia after being closed for a year and a half following Kovid.

The teachers who arrived at the schools were greeted by the respective school authorities with flowers and gifts. Classes are resumed following strict health precautions. The protocols to be implemented in universities, technical education institutes, intermediate and secondary schools were announced yesterday. The main condition is that children should be vaccinated with a specific dose of the vaccine.

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