ALL sells “The Excel Lasalle 17”, receives 480 million baht, clears debenture debt

All Inspire Development Public Company Limited or ALL He said that the meeting of the Board of Directors on 7 February 2023 had decided to approve the transaction of the disposal of the company’s assets as follows: all the ordinary shares held by the companyReal Lasalle 17 Company Limited (REAL LASALLE) which is a subsidiary of the Company in the amount of 9,997 shares with a par value of 100 baht per share, representing 99.98% of the paid-up capital of REAL LASALLE. for Real Asset Development Co, Ltd. (REAL ASSET) who is not a related person of the Company At the offer price of 100 baht per share, the total trading value is 999,700 baht.

Including land sales and construction of residential condominium projects.Lasalle Excel Project 17 (under construction) situated in Bang Na Sub-District, Bang Na District, Bangkok 1 plot of land title deed, title deed number 3742, with a total area of ​​4 rai 3 ngan 62 square wah (or equal to 1,962 square wah ) (collectively known as Lasalle Project land 17) after the Company has transferred all the shares in LASALLE REAL to the buyer as stated in clause (1). The Company will transfer assets such as Lasalle Project land 17 to REAL LASALLE, a company in which the buyer holds 100% of the total shares, with a total purchase price of 480 million baht, which is higher than the appraisal price.

The land appraisal price of Lasalle Project 17, appraised by an independent appraiser approved by the SEC, is equal to 457 million baht. However, upon completion of the sale of shares in subsidiaries, REAL LASALLE will cease to be a subsidiary of the Company (and will become a company in which the purchaser holds 100 percent of all shares in it).

By the way, ALL previously said that the Company has failed to pay interest on debentures model ALL244A, installment 5, net amount of 10.65 million baht, on January 3, 2023. On January 23, 2023, the company made partial interest payments on debentures in the amount of 4.26 million baht to each bond holder At a rate of 40 percent of the interest amount for the 5th installment as mentioned

In addition, in the future, the company still has to pay the interest on the debentures that are still expected. and due for redemption according to the expiry date of each series as well as ALL with 7 series of debentures worth 2,334.20 million baht, 4 series due in 2023 with a total value of 1,204.50 million baht, which is worth noting that the company How will the money be used to pay the debentures?

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