All sorts of organisms crawl your fresh vegetables

If you love to eat fresh vegetables from the grocery store, the latest results could change your mind. Martin Kaae Kristiansen is a 28 year old biomedical student of age. He has analyzed vegetables bought from the grocery store and discovered that there are many organisms hidden in them.

There was no spare vegetable, from celery to carrots and potatoes. “Using the microscope I could increase things more than 1,000 times. The best place to find the bugs were the celery and leeks. In the examples I took, I found insects, mites and aphids mainly dead. Some of the dead insects were covered with even a model. ”

More than that, Martin explained that this was not just a coincidence. He explains that he found more than one insect on fresh vegetables. The student used a powerful microscope from the University of Aalborg of Denmark.

Fresh vegetables present all types of organisms

“Of the living bugs I got, there were choice mites, midge larvae, round worms, tardigrades, unknown larva and of course many bacteria. I made sure that I would find at least two of each organism present so I could confidently say that it is not a once-off coincidence. "

However, this is not as bad as it sounds. In fact, these organisms are harmless when you relate to your health, and you usually get rid of most of them as long as you wash your vegetables before you eat them.

“Washing vegetables really helps. If you cook the vegetables, the insects should die and if not, they are likely to kill your stomach acid. But in the end there is only extra protein, ”explained Martin.

While the news may be harmful for many people, it does not change anything. Make sure you wash your fresh vegetables before you eat them and everything should be good.

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