“All talented producers…” The identity of the production company chosen by Myeong-Han Lee, Young-Seok Na, and Won-Ho Shin, who left CJ ENM, is one wide-eyed one.

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Na Young-seok PD/’Three Meals a Day in the Fishing Village 5′ poster/’New Journey to the West 7′ poster ⓒNews1/tvN

According to TV Daily’s exclusive report on the 9th, Teabing’s former co-CEO Lee Myung-han, PD Na Young-seok, and PD Shin Won-ho will leave CJ ENM and settle down at Eggs Coming, the production company.

TV Daily reported that former CEO Lee Myung-han, Na Young-seok, and Shin Won-ho PDs submitted a letter of resignation to CJ ENM recently. The resignation of Lee Myung-han, the former co-CEO of Teabing, has been accepted and he left the company first, and the resignations of Na Young-seok PD and Shin Won-ho PD are expected to be accepted soon.

Posters for 'Hospital Playlist' and 'Reply 1988' directed by PD Shin Won-ho ⓒtvN
Posters for ‘Hospital Playlist’ and ‘Reply 1988’ directed by PD Shin Won-ho ⓒtvN

About this, an official said, “It’s like the birth of the Avengers team in name and reality in the production industry.” The production crew will all gather there.”

Former CEO Lee Myeong-han moved to CJ ENM in 2011 and later served as director of production planning at tvN, head of tvN headquarters, head of media content headquarters, and co-representative of Television. His representative works include ‘Comedy Big League’ and ‘Three Idiots’.

Former CEO Lee Myung-han and the poster of the entertainment show 'Comedy Big League' directed by him ⓒNews1/tvN
Former CEO Lee Myung-han and the poster of the entertainment show ‘Comedy Big League’ directed by him ⓒNews1/tvN

Producer Na Young-seok, who joined KBS in 2001 as a public producer for the 27th class, directed ‘Happy Sunday – 1 Night 2 Days’ and established himself as a ‘national entertainment PD’ in name and reality. After moving to CJ ENM in 2013, starting with tvN’s ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’, he released a series of hits such as ‘Three Meals a Day’, ‘New Journey to the West’, ‘Youn’s Kitchen’, and ‘Global Arcade’. .

In addition, PD Shin Won-ho, who became famous for tvN’s ‘Reply Series’ and ‘Hospital Playlist Series’, left CJ ENM with the trust he built working with former CEO Myung-Han Lee on ‘ Reply 1997’ to join him. in Eggs Coming

On the other hand, Eggs Coming, where the three have just built a nest, is also a production company that produced major works by producers Na Young-seok and Shin Won-ho, such as ‘Boarding House in Spain’, ‘Kang’s Kitchen’ ‘ , and ‘Hospital Playlist’.

Reporter Namkyung Hwang: