‘All The Butlers 2’ Oh My Girl’s Mimi appears as a confident daily pupil “to get a place”.

Oh My Girl Mimi, who appeared as a daily pupil, expressed her strong desires.iMBC Entertainment News PhotoiMBC Entertainment News PhotoiMBC Entertainment News Photo
On SBS’s ‘Master in the House 2’, broadcast on the 26th, Oh My Girl’s Mimi appeared as a daily pupil.

The members gathered in front of the SBS public hall in Deungchon-dong that day. Yang Se-hyeong showed an emotional figure, saying, “This is where I burned my passion.” To Lee Dae-ho, who was coming for the first time, he explained, “We did all the public broadcasting and music broadcasting here. We also did a program called Look for a Smile here, and there is a comedy room on the second floor. We are still recording Inkigayo.”

The production team said, “I didn’t come to go to Deungchon Public Hall, but I gathered a daily student to be with me.” At this moment, someone appeared, and it was Oh My Girl Mimi.

When Eun Ji-won said, “I think there must be a reason why Mimi came here,” Mimi joked, “I’m trying to get a spot,” making everyone laugh.

The production team said, “Today is a great plan prepared by Master and our production team for about 6 months.”

iMBC Cha Hye-rin | photo courtesy of SBS

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