‘All The Butlers’ Jung Woo-sung wins the hip while wrestling Lee Jung-jae effortlessly

Jung Woo-sung perfectly won the wrestling hip with Lee Jung-jae.

In the broadcast of SBS ‘All The Butlers’ on the 14th, Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung appeared as teachers. On this day, the production team of ‘All The Butlers’ released the results of a survey of 20 employees of the Artist Company.

The question put to the workers was ‘Which boss has better stamina after working overtime?’ Among the 20 employees, 10 people chose Lee Jung-jae and 10 people chose Jung Woo-sung.

Yang Se-hyeong suggested hip wrestling.

Jung-jae Lee tried to get up, saying, “Pride of a man.”

Wrestling the hip, Jung Woo-sung pressured Lee Jung-jae with a relaxed smile. Lee Jung-jae showed a hard fight with his legs trembling, and Yang Se-hyeong said, “Your father’s legs are almost at the level of blue crabs.”

Lee Jung-jae’s attack failed, and he then challenged by exchanging attack and defense, but the result was a complete victory for Jung Woo-sung.

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PhotoㅣSBS broadcast screen capture

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