All The Butlers Season 2 explains why filming began without Lee Seung Gi revealing that he was waiting for the actor to return.

After news reports that came out SBS’s popular variety show All the Butlers Started filming season 2 without cast members Lee Seung Gi Recently, the show’s production team has come out to clarify this issue. ready to reveal that they are awaiting the return of the young singer-actor

while the list All the Butlers Currently preparing for Season 2, the news agency stated that “After much consideration it has been decided that Lee Seung Gi He will not be taking part in filming for the next season It is planned to start filming in mid December with all the members except Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi is expected to return in the program All the Butlers Season 2 This could be difficult. Due to issues between the singer-actress and the agency Including the filming schedule of the movie Big Family of the owner

Lee Seung Gi

Recently, the producer of the program All the Butlers He came out to explain that “The production team plans to start filming with the other members while waiting for Lee Seung Gi.

“The exact time of Lee Seung Gi’s comeback is yet to be decided. However, the production staff and all the members hope that all the issues will be resolved well and hope that Lee Seung Gi, who is facing this difficult period. he’ll be back as soon as possible.”

All Butlers Poster Doyoung Joined

before that Lee Seung Gi he came out to ask the agency Entertainment Hook Shows complete and transparent evidence of accounting documents in managing his various promotional activities. Soon after, the Dispatch news agency released a special report saying the young singer-actor has never had a single salary earned in 18 years of making music. under the supervision of the camp He also released audio clips of the CEO of the agency, indicating verbal violence and malicious intent against him Lee Seung Gi also

now Lee Seung Gi Deciding to stand up against the agency that has been in it for over 18 years and ask to contact him through a lawyer from now on.

Lee Seung Gi Hook

encourage to Lee Seung Gi going through this bad monsoon ready to come back to create smiles and colors in the program All the Butlers Hurry up 🤍

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