All Those 'Us' Michael Jackson Shout-Outs Explained, From 'Thriller' T-Shirt to a Single Glove

(Major spoiler alert: Do not read on If you haven´t seen ”Us.

Jordan Peele's "Us" and "chill full of references to Michael Jackson". T

But Peele and his costume designer Kym Barrett trew several more nods to the late King of sexual abuse (accusations that his estate has disputed) .

The doppelgängers in the film, just from Jackson wore a red jumpsuit during his famed 1983 music video “Thriller,” and Jackson's single white glove covered in silver sequins performance of “Billy Jean” at Motown's 25th anniversary in 1983. The single glove would have been signed in his career.

“There is a lot of fun and help to make a difference.” "The leader of the Tethered". T Across the United States T – shirt, there 's a lot of imagery which is seen. T

“When it 's time to have the 8 – year – old jumbled – up. T “She sees Hands Across America, the cut-out people and the glove.” T

The “Thriller” T-shirt, in the form of John Landis video.

“All in this movie was deliberate, that is one thing I can guarantee you. Unless you didn´t like something and that was complete accident. ”

Across the Americas, was also intentional. “Michael Jackson is probably the patron saint of duality,” Peele said. “The movie starts in the 80s – the duality with which I experienced him [Jackson] Thriller video which scared me to death.

Barrett agreed, it has been said that his first child molestation trial really gave insight into Jackson has been complicated. (He was acquitted in 2005 of molesting a 13-year-old boy.)

'Jumpsuits' came from utilitarian wear, ”Barrett said.

“It kind of evolved from work wear and utilitarian clothing),” she explained. “Jordan was like,” whatever they are. We have found that this is the case. It 's basically. I just shortened ya ya panto ya ku je je je je koj, they were vulnerable. I wanted them to live in the darkness. ”

And Winston Duke 's characters. They were always coming back together, ”they said.

"Leaving Neverland" just weeks before "Us."

“I didn’t really think about it,” she said. “What really struck me that was in the last trials, the world was seeing him in a different way,” he said. , for me anyway, really shone. t

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