All Travelers Required to Complete Travel Card, Except Hong Kong ID Holders

All travelers are required to complete this form, with the exception of Hong Kong Identity Card holders.

Please provide the following information:

Family Name: Surname

Please enter your surname or family name in the designated field.

Given Names: Real Names

Please enter your real names in the designated field.


Please pay attention to the words written in brackets in all capital letters to avoid confusion with similar looking letters like ‘il L’.


  1. For males, please indicate your gender as Male or M.
  2. For females, please indicate your gender as Female or F.

Travel Document Number: Passport Number

Please provide your passport number.

Place and Date of Issue: Place and Date of Passport Issue

Please enter the place and date of issue of your passport.


Please note that Thai people use the word ‘Thai’ to denote their nationality, rather than ‘Thailand’.

Place of Birth:

Please enter the place of your birth.

Date of Birth:

Please enter your date of birth.

Address in Hong Kong:

Please provide the name of the hotel or accommodation where you will be staying in Hong Kong.

Home Address:

Please enter your address in Thailand.

Flight Number/Vessel Name:

Please provide your flight number or vessel name.

All travelers should complete this card except Hong Kong Identity Card holders : All travelers must complete this card. Except for those holding Hong Kong Identity Cards.

Family name : Surname

Given names : real names

Note the words in brackets (in capital letters), which means we write them in all capital English letters. Avoid confusion with il L

Sex: sex [สำหรับเพศชาย ให้กรอกว่า Male หรือ M และผู้หญิงให้กรอกว่า Female หรือ F]

Travel document Number : Passport number

Place and date of issue : Place and date of issue of passport.

Nationality: Nationality: Thai people use the word Thai, they do not use Thailand.

Place of birth : place of birth

Date of birth: birthday

Address in Hong Kong : Our accommodation in Hong Kong [ชื่อโรงแรม]

Home address: Our address in Thailand

Flight Number/Vessel Name : Flight number

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