Allbirds Eco Friendly Shoes Go Green

In addition, in the production process “Allbirds” It is also considered a trend to save the world, because every pair of shoes will have a greenhouse gas measurement. That was released in the production of that shoe model to see how much greenhouse gases are emitted, more or less, how? Because of the synthetic materials used in the production of sneakers in general brands. Often of petrochemicals derived from fossil fuels, the production process contributes to the greenhouse gas crisis. more than a brand “Allbirds”

in addition Allbirds also go into detail by calculating the greenhouse gas emissions of the whole process of raising sheep Using and transporting materials from different corners of the world to turn on the air conditioner in the office. and travel to work for employees who are though the storagegreenhouse gas tax (Carbon Tax) which is a new concept of developed countries that have just started Allbirds Volunteer to use this principle to set up ‘taxes’ to collect themselves. By investing every 10 cents that offsets every 10 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions produced, it is invested in planting trees. a clean energy project and the project to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

In addition, in the production process Allbirds is also a reduction Carbon Footprint or reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by products or services throughout their life cycle. or from the organisation’s operating activities The measure is included in terms of tonnes (kg) of carbon dioxide equivalent.
While behind the lightness, softness and comfort of Allbirds shoes comes the world’s best material, fleece, which is a natural and renewable material. and the pulp from eucalyptus trees grown in accordance with FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) sustainable forest management standards ie new plants are planted immediately after cutting. Grown without relying on large amounts of water and fertiliser. And the trees help absorb greenhouse gases to be stored in the soil.

The soles are made from bagasse, which is ‘waste’ produced by the Brazilian sugar industry. taking through the process with yeast as a material for making shoe soles which were usually made of plastic

Allbirds Eco Friendly Shoes Go Green

In addition, shoe packaging is also easily biodegradable. Allbirds It is also durable and easy to maintain, just put the laundry bag and throw it in the blender easily.

in fact Allbirds Fleece Boots it does not change products according to fashion trends But they stick to simplicity. and the use of environmentally friendly materials which in this case can be seen as Making something simple, simple, but works for every situation. This is the right identity for this brand.

In addition, during the past “Allbirds” They also diverted their production lines outside of shoes because they made “clothes out of leftover crab shells” in 2020 by getting rid of the rest of the crab shells. becoming a fiber in clothing production to enter the fashion market which is considered to be the brand’s first product made from 100% natural materials which Clothing “Allbirds Accepted Marine Stewardship Council standards, which is the first time in the world that this organization has supported standards for fishery products used in clothing. because this standard is usually only used in the seafood industry.

Produce Allbirds clothing from leftover crab shells.

In terms of functionality “Allbirds” they claim They are said to be the most comfortable shoes in the world. because of the general and different components And what makes Allbirds grow and stand? That is, they look at ‘sustainability’ as part of creating better quality products. more like consumers and able to compete At the same time, it helps to reduce the environmental impact of the business too… so called. Get good, beautiful shoes too, and save the world as well.