Allergan Aesthetics invites you to keep an eye on 10 future beauty trends. It reflects the new value that everyone has the right to be beautiful regardless of gender. [ADVERTORIAL]

Changes in the beauty world are happening fast and exciting. If you notice carefully you will find that beauty trends that come with new developments That are becoming more and more advanced day by day And can create changes in beauty that meet people’s needs in a wider variety of ways, making Allergan Aesthetics, a leading company in aesthetic medicine products and technology from the United States. Invite readers to explore eye-catching beauty trends from 2023 onwards, a major step in the beauty industry that willFind out the direction of the world’s beauty business from The Future of Aesthetics report which predicts 10 trends that will define the beauty of the future inData was collected from leaders in the beauty industry in 13 major markets around the world. And confirmed data from surveys through various online media platforms.

Published for the first time at the 20th World Aesthetics Conference (20th AMWC Aesthetics), this report will provide a new dimension to beauty providers. Gain a deeper understanding of consumer needs and expectations It also helps beauty-loving readers understand the upcoming changes in the beauty market. This will awaken the power of confidence in the form of beauty that everyone has the right to be beautiful, regardless of gender. In aesthetic medicine, Allergan Aesthetics is committed to innovation. Therefore, it is important to understand the rapid changes in the market and customer behavior. So that customers who come to receive beauty services are educated, empowered, and feel confident.

1. Diversity Individuality

People all over the world regardless of race. They are interested in taking care of beauty. and want their identity and identity to be evident regardless of gender What kind of lifestyle do you have? How are the shapes different? But everyone has the right to show the version of beauty they like and want to be. without any obstacles

2. The New Masculine

Today’s definition of beauty for a gentleman is broad and possible in all dimensions. And in the future, men will have more independent choices when it comes to self-care. Even walking into a beauty clinic will become an activity that no one will find fault with anymore. Men can also access a variety of dimensions of self care as well.

3. Beauty that encompasses all genders (Some Inclusive Beauty)

Beauty will no longer be divided into beauty for any gender because beauty, wanting to be beautiful, handsome, wanting to look good is everyone’s business. Anyone can accept differences. Beauty tastes through their own perspective and choices are not limited. Wrinkles between the eyebrows or crow’s feet are caused by facial expression. A high forehead, frown, or smile, caused by the work of the muscles that pull the skin together, causing wrinkles to form. These problems can be solved by using anti-wrinkle agents. to help prevent wrinkles Makes the face look vibrant and natural.

4. The definition of beauty changes all the time (Ephemeral Expression).

The definition of beauty is no longer fixed. but allows creativity to step in and determine the definition of beauty In the future, making yourself look better, more beautiful, more handsome, beautiful in real size will become a fun thing that can mix and match Tailored styles specific to preferences every person too.

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5. Better experience (Advanced Experiences)

Customers who are loyal to beauty services and products. An excellent 360 degree experience is expected at every point of contact with a service or product.

6. Open a new world of body beauty (New Body Boundaries)

In addition to taking care of the beauty on the face, which has always been important Nowadays, beauty service providers around the world are starting to see the trend of body beauty care. This will create new opportunities for business expansion and innovation. for example High quality innovations such as cryotherapy Non-surgical fat reduction treatment It is an innovation to adapt the body by freezing excess fat. which increases confidence in all body shapes Let everyone be beautiful, look good in the shape they are satisfied with.

7. Be ethically beautiful (Aesth-Ethics)

Beauty service providers must provide a high quality service.

8. Beauty in the digital world (The Digital Lens)

These days, people see themselves in digital media on a regular basis. Many image retouching technologies are used. The self image that people see in these media can be distorted from the truth. And it can cause people to change their opinion of themselves and their beauty.

9. Aesthetics and the Metaverse

People in the future will become virtual natives, living in the physical and digital world.

10. Is this the End of Aging

Consumers are willing to start beauty treatments earlier to slow down the signs of aging. Although scientific advances have made the creation (Regeneration) of new cells more possible. But do these scientific discoveries mean the end of ageing? At present, young people, regardless of gender, look after themselves from a young age. Measured by a lifestyle eating exercise and a lifestyle dedicated to a healthier more sustainable lifestyle. Everyone is looking for good things for themselves, focusing on nurturing both Inner Beauty and wanting to look that can appear excellent outside society as well, so beauty technology plays a big role. To help stop aging like Allergan Aesthetics, there is a good helper. as a filler product that can help adjust the shape of the face and can also improve the quality of the skin. filling wrinkles It helps to lift and tighten in small areas such as the lip area. and increasing volume in wider areas such as the chin area, as well as sharpening the shape of the face and when the face is compact not sagging It helps to look younger. It’s a way to increase confidence in a new non-surgical beauty. It takes less recovery time but can see satisfactory results after treatment.

How do these 10 trends define the beauty of the future? will see that many The trend is already popular these days. Both the use of wrinkle reducer fillers or advanced tools that help break down fat as an innovation to break down fat with cold We believe that these beauty choices will help build confidence for everyone who wants to look good and that the Best Version in their own way too. It’s about choosing the right thing to express yourself as you are.

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Allergan Aesthetics is a US product and technology leader in aesthetic medicine, developing, manufacturing and distributing beauty brands and products focused on future global beauty trends. Allergan Aesthetics anti-aging products are supported by more than 4,000 studies and are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. company products Including fillers that help lift and shape the face. And cryotherapy technology has been very popular and accepted for a long time in more than 100 countries around the world. In Thailand, Allergan Aesthetics has long been recognized by doctors and patients. It has a wider network of alliances with more than 1,200 beauty institutions across the country. Currently, Allergan Aesthetics Thailand also has many leading beauty clinics as partners. Those interested in more information about Allergan Aesthetics can visit their website.

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