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Allianz Ayudhya continues measures to help customers during the Covid

Date 17 Jan 2022 time 18:58

Allianz Ayudhya takes care of customers during the Covid-19 situation Announcement to move forward with measures to help customers It covers vaccine allergy protection.

Ms. Patchara Taweechaiwattana Senior Executive Vice President Customer Management Division, Allianz Ayudhya Assurance Public Company Limited, revealed that due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19 That remains and there is still uncertainty that will intensify. Allianz Ayudhya is ready to continue to take care of its customers. Protection for inpatient treatment both in the hospital field hospital and special wards (hospitel) according to the conditions of the policy and convenient and fast service Therefore, we have extended special assistance measures to cover the needs of our customers as follows:

Provide protection in case of allergic reaction from vaccination For customers with additional health insurance contracts Up to 60 days after vaccination, with allergic reactions or side effects And there is a medical need to be treated in a hospital or clinic. From 1 Jan. – 31 Mar. 65 and is a vaccine that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Thailand only.

Reduce waiting time for customers to receive protection faster. In the event that the customer has purchased a new health insurance additional contract, by reducing the waiting period for treatment for COVID-19 from 30 days to 14 days, and can use the claim service that the customer does not need to pay first. (Fax Claim) From the original, the right to use the right had to wait 90 days, reduced to only 30 days, can claim without reservation. This depends on the readiness of the contracting hospitals and the policy conditions for this COVID-19 claim situation from the beginning of 2021 to the present. The company has paid a total of more than 17,700 claims, totaling more than 900 million baht, of which 16,200 cases are medical expenses for sickness caused by COVID-19 and about 1,200 cases are compensation from vaccine allergies and about 300 cases are from the loss. life

“No matter how uncertain the situation is, Allianz Ayudhya Assurance will always be there for customers. Ready to provide protection according to our promise to protect customers in all conditions of life,” said Ms. Patchara.




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