Allianz Ayudhya goes full engine Continuously stimulating the health insurance market


22 November 2020


Launched 4 video clips at a time “Ready to have enough” because of the disease is not selected with the highlighting products “Health Insurance, Ultra Unlock”

Allianz Ayudhya Life Insurance goes full of smoke Launch video clips 4 The story underscores the concept. “Ready enough” because the disease does not choose Point out the necessary reasons for having health insurance With highlighting products “Health Insurance Ultra Unlock” Lump sum payment for medical expenses With coverage since 3-15 Million baht set a target to collect premiums Insurance for the first year at 420 Million baht Within a year after launch

Ms. Patchara Thaweechaiwattana, Senior Executive Vice President, Customer Management, Allianz Ayudhya Assurance Public Company Limited said From the release of commercials “Ready enough” Went two months ago It turned out that there was a good response, and there was a list of prospects coming in from both telephone channels. And online to inquire high product details from before starting the campaign to over 250% It is a tool to stimulate and educate the market well, so to reinforce the concept. “Ready enough” And communicate with the target customers more clearly Therefore has made more short video clips 4 A clip to communicate exclusively to the working group. Focus on 4 Heavy expenses when sick, such as room charges ICU Cancer treatment costs, dialysis fees, these expenses are covered by the purchase. Health Insurance Ultra Unlock

Short video clips 4 Clips published via online channels include

(1) enter ICU How many days of money you have per life? Reflect on accidents and emergency illnesses. That may happen without us knowing When each happens The cost of emergency treatment in the room ICU Average 60,000 Baht per day in the government hospital or to 100,000 Baht per day in a private hospital, so everyone should # Ready to be enough for what may happen unexpectedly. Let us get the best treatment of emergency.

(2) Are you ready to sell your home, sell your car, and pay for the cancer treatment?? Thais than 110,000 People died from cancer in a year. 2561 By more than percent of patients 50 Will detect cancer at that stage 3 and 4 Causing the chance of death very high Social Security does not cover the use of certain drugs. Which is an important drug for the treatment of various cancers Making the right of basic cancer treatment not covering the cost of cancer drugs in this respect, so we have to # Ready enough to get into the best treatment technology. Because nowadays, cancer is not always equal to death.

(3) How much do I have to save?? To dialysis throughout life Thais face more chronic kidney disease 8 Millions of people all over the country and have a higher rate. Both from diabetes and high blood pressure And must be treated by dialysis than 60,000 People with at least expenses per year 200,000 Baht per person per year … The chances of Thai people having chronic kidney disease are increasing so we have to # Ready, Ultra Enough

(4) If you only have group insurance, please don’t suffer from cancer, heart, kidney failure. Group health insurance for the company It is a popular benefit of many companies. That makes employees Relieve health concerns Until I might forget to think about Serious illness Or a serious disease like cancer That group insurance may not be comprehensive. And many others think that they will gradually close to retirement before they will find some insurance To take care of yourself when old But did not know that at that time my own health May not qualify for health insurance It could happen as well … If concerned about insurance premiums when purchasing additional health insurance The option to alleviate the insurance premium By taking on the burden of some expenses (Deductible) # Ready to be enough because you don’t know when the disease will come

This “Health Insurance Ultra Unlock” It is a health insurance plan that offers more benefits to customers. In which customers will receive additional protection up to 15 Million baht per year with coverage up to age 90 There are 4 plans in total, consisting of the sum assured of 3 million, 6 million, 10 million and 15 million baht. Apply from the age of 1 month, 1 day to 70 Years (renew contract up to 89 Coverage years up to age 90 Year) with a health supplement that was developed to meet the needs of more customers Not only does it actually grant disbursement rights When admitted to hospital such as surgery, medical equipment, anesthesia, ambulance and outpatient coverage, such as in the event of an accident treated within 24 hours, including minor surgery without hospitalization But also add extras by unlocking dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy And medical expenses in the case of having to be admitted to the critical care room (ICU), as well as in the case of being detected as an infection COVID-19 and other viruses By actually paying under the coverage limit according to the plan the customer chooses

We hope that the video clip is short. 4 This clip will help to underscore the benefits and necessities of health insurance. “Health Insurance Ultra Unlock” It is expected to boost health insurance coverage at more than 420 million baht within a year of launch and be part of the Allianz Ayudhya health insurance portfolio growth. 10% As has been planned this year



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