Allicia Hellen Rodriguez Challenges UN Muay Thai World Champion, Smila Sundell, in Historic Fight for Second Belt

Allicia Hellen Rodriguez: A Daring Challenge for the Muay Thai World Championship

In an unprecedented move, Allicia Hellen Rodriguez, the reigning UN Muay Thai World Champion in the Atomweight Division, has volunteered to push her limits and challenge the champion of the Strawweight Division. This thrilling clash of titans, aptly named ONE Fight Night 14, is set to be broadcast live from Singapore on Saturday, September 30, 2023, at 7:00 am.

  • Unexpected Underdogs

Both Rodriguez and her opponent, Smilla Sundell, will step into the ring as underdogs. The original challenger, Jackie Bunton, had withdrawn, leading to this extraordinary opportunity for Rodriguez. Despite being aware of her disadvantage in terms of body shape and weight class, Rodriguez is determined not to let go of this golden chance to chase a second belt for herself.

  • Ambitious Pursuit of History

Rodriguez, driven by the desire to make history as a two-division world champion, moved up in weight division to seize this opportunity. Expressing her admiration for Sundell, who has already established herself as a remarkable fighter despite her young age, Rodriguez is unyielding in her quest to claim the belt from her opponent.

“One of my dreams is to hold two belts, and I intend to make it happen,” boldly declares Rodriguez. Her unwavering determination and self-belief transcend any concerns about physical disadvantages.

  • A Long-Awaited Showdown

Though Rodriguez steps into the ring as an unforeseen replacement for the original opponent, she has always had her sights on Sundell’s title as the strawweight champion of the world. Carefully analyzing her opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, Rodriguez has prepared herself for this opportunity that has finally presented itself.

“Sundell has a fierce action style, constantly applying pressure and moving forward. Nevertheless, I am skilled at attacking and will utilize my height advantage to strike with my knees, which has posed difficulties for many of my opponents. Despite Sundell’s height advantage, I remain unfazed. I am excited for this fight, confident that it will be a war between two dedicated fighters,” proclaims Rodriguez.

  • Clash of Superior Skills

The upcoming battle between Rodriguez and Sundell promises excitement with contrasting fighting styles. Rodriguez’s formidable skills in brain boxing and complete Muay Thai weaponry, honed in her home country, are considered superior. This clash of different fighting techniques guarantees a battle so intense that fans won’t be able to look away.

Reflecting on her chances against the tall and long-limbed Sundell, Rodriguez acknowledges the difficulty but remains undeterred. “I believe my punches are smarter and more accurate, and my Muay Thai skills have reached a new level of perfection. While knocking her out may be challenging, it is not impossible. I am determined to take her down. The countdown to this fight is on, and it promises to be one of the most thrilling highlights of the show,” asserts Rodriguez.

Sports enthusiasts eager to witness this momentous event can reserve tickets through TICKETMASTER or enjoy the live coverage of ONE Fight Night 14 via (in select countries), Facebook & YouTube ONE (in select countries). The first match is scheduled to kick off at 7:00 am. For Thai viewers, tune in to Channel 7HD and press 35 to receive the live broadcast signal at 10:00 am.

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Allicia Hellen Rodriguez

Allicia Hellen Rodriguez“The UN Muay Thai World Champion, Atomweight Division (105-115 lbs.) volunteers to push his weight up to challenge the UN Muay Thai World Champion, Strawweight Division (115-125 lbs.) as a little girl from the throne.”Smilla Sundell“Both of them will fight as the underdogs of the fight. ONE Fight Night 14 which will be broadcast live from Singapore at the American prime time equivalent of 7:00 am on Saturday, September 30, 2023.

originally”Alicia“Not a nominee of”Smila” In this fight, because the original challenger, “Jackie Bunton,” withdrew, causing the opportunity to fall to the mother-of-one world champion. Who is ready to move up the weight class and not let go of the golden opportunity to chase a second belt for himself. Even though I know I must be at a disadvantage.”Smila” in terms of body shape and weight class.

Allicia Hellen Rodriguez

“I moved up in this division because I didn’t want to let this opportunity slip away. I want to make history as a two division world champion. I’m very happy for this opportunity, I think. Smila a good fighter She is only at this age, but she has already become the mother of her generation. I admire her the most, but I also really want to take the belt from her.”

“One of my dreams is to hold two belts. And I intend to make it happen. I want to make history I want to keep challenging myself and I know I can.”

Despite this fightAlicia” comes as the representative of the original opponent. But the title of strawweight champion of the world from “Smila” is what she has always been keeping an eye on. He has carefully studied the strengths and weaknesses of the Princess of the Throne in order to always be ready if an opportunity arises. And today that opportunity has come to you.

Smila Has a fierce action style Likes to put pressure on opponents and always walk towards But I’m also good at attacking. In fact, she will use her height advantage to her advantage and attack her knees. I know this is something that causes problems for many of my opponents. She plays the game very well, I like her fighting style. But I don’t care about her height. I’m excited for this fight. And I know it will definitely be a war because we are both fighters. “

Allicia vs. Janet

By the strong points that “Alicia” She is considered superior to the queen of her generation. That’s about brain boxing and complete Muay Thai weapons. That she has honed her skills from the country of origin, which will make this fight full of excitement of different fighting skills and will be so fierce that fans cannot blink their eyes.

“I think my punches are smarter and more accurate. and my Muay Thai skills have also become more perfect, but Smila Tall and long, I knew it would be hard to knock her out. But it has not reached the point where it is impossible. I’m definitely going to fight, I intend to take her down. I’m counting the days until this fight comes soon and I think it will be one of the hottest fights on the show.”

Sports fans can reserve tickets to enter the stadium through TICKETMASTER and can watch live coverage of the fight. ONE Fight Night 14 Available via (some countries) Facebook & YouTube ONE (some countries) The first match starts at 7:00 am As for Channel 7HD, press 35 (Thai language) to receive the live broadcast signal at 10:00 am

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