Almost good! Drama ‘Young Thukkhalap’, his wife makes an appointment to transfer money to children negotiate a little Cut down and leave nothing

Almost good! Drama ‘Young Thukkhalap’, his wife makes an appointment to transfer money to children negotiate a little Cut down and leave nothing

A young man, all fortune, a woman makes an appointment to transfer money to children But there is a bit of bargaining. I can’t break anything. revealing that she had broken up with her husband and was going to look for money to raise children

of the case Manich Mr (last name withheld), aged 49, with relatives and 3 children Angkanarat Mrs (Last name withheld), aged 45, wife who has been together for 26 years, escaped from an adulterer along with a bank account book. who has money from winning the government lottery, the first prize draw for the 1st day of November 2022 as well

At 10:00 on 21 November, Mr Manit, together with his youngest daughter, aged 11 and the middle son, aged 17, traveled to the Bank of Agriculture or BAAC, Thong Thani branch, Thawatchaburi district in order to open a Receipt account the transfer money in accordance with the terms agreed with the mother. namely Mrs. Angkhanarak who was riding a motorcycle to wait on BAAC, the said branch opened accounts for sons and daughters to transfer money to the account according to the agreement Transfer money to son 5 hundred thousand baht and daughter 1 million baht and transfer to husband account 1 million 6 hundred thousand baht

The reporter reported when Angkanarat Mrs Mother arrives at the bank Tried to negotiate that opening the account of both children would like to open an account with the minor. This disapproved of the father’s efforts to open a joint account with the daughter and son. because he was afraid he would take the opportunity to take money from the two children

to be used outside the purpose Especially worried about having another man secretly. and fall in love with a new lover Access to spend money until there is not enough left to send the child to study as the father wants. They will ask their own name to be a joint name instead. due to lack of trust for protection The divorced woman can force the child to raise the money. Until unable to keep it as a scholarship for children

and when Mr Angkanarat Mrs Having discussed that If he will not give himself a joint name in the account I asked to change the new conditions. From handing over money to her husband 1 million 6 million baht, she asked to change. Transfer money to the husband for only 1 million 500,000 baht, asking for a discount of 100,000 baht, claiming that when the husband is separated But it is decided that the money can be withdrawn after the child reaches the age of majority , and this 100,000 baht will be used as expenses during the period that has not yet reached maturity. There will be no money to spend. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for 100,000 baht to spend on taking care of the child in all aspects as needed. which the husband agrees on terms and conditions

Angkanarat Mrsso transfer money to her husband for only 1.5 million baht according to the agreement requested for the last time After completing the bank, she will travel to Thawatchaburi Police Station to meet Pol, Lieutenant Colonel Somsak Ketphiboon, investigating inspector, Thawatchaburi Police Station who is the owner of the case in question to withdraw the notice and finally put an end to the matter

Mrs Angkhanarak said proudly that the story is over let everything stop and apologize to everyone involved who is causing chaos and worsening the people’s feelings Ask people to open up opportunities and understand their own lives and families. which contradict each other confirmed that everything has no background and confirmed that no other men were involved

Mrs said Angkanarat that Regarding the money that won the 1st prize in the amount of 6 million baht, after tax, 30,000 baht, the remaining amount of 5 million, 9 cents and 70,000 baht before that was transferred to his husband 1 million baht, including the total returned 3.1 million for 4.1 million baht

In conclusion, he got nothing because of the difference. He used all his debts and loans from BAAC.with nothing left who after breaking up with her husband But still has to find money to raise children. Thinking of taking the house and land to mortgage the BAAC loan to investwith planning to sellA resort business comes to people to rent.

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