“Alone on the first night”… Everyone was shocked by Han Ga-in’s scary past with Yeon Jung-hoon

Actress Han Ga-in attracts the attention of viewers by telling the story of her wedding day and her first night with her husband, Yeon Jung-hoon.

JTBC’s “Day Without Hands” is a program featuring the life stories of citizens who dream of a new beginning in an unfamiliar place until they decide to move. It unravels the story of ‘moving on’ at the height of life, such as moving out after marriage, independence for the first time in life, and the ups and downs of a family.


In episode 2 of ‘A Day Without Hands’, which airs on December 2, 2022, the story of a girl moving out of her mother, who lived alone after marriage, is remove Among them, Han Ga-in drew attention by revealing previously unheard exciting stories looking back on her newlywed wedding days with Yeon Jung-hoon.

Han Ga-in reveals an anecdote with Yeon Jung-hoon

Han Ga-in said, “After setting the wedding date, I was invited to a drama and asked the director for permission in advance, saying, “I have to get married in April, so the schedule will be fine.” By the way The filming schedule was so tight that we filmed until dawn the day before the wedding, and went to the wedding after sleeping for 2-3 hours.He recalled the time when he could not realize his marriage because he was so busy with his acting activities.


In particular, Han Ga-in has a unique expression, “I got married.” “I pretended I was filming the wedding and went to the drama set again at dawn the next day. On the first night of the newlyweds, I left the groom alone and went out to shoot.”With a funny story, he drew laughs with his unique TMI talk.

At the time of Yeon Jeong-hoon and Han Ga-in’s wedding in 2005, it was reported that the first night was a luxurious mansion at the Walkerhill Hotel overlooking the Han River, but after hearing Han Ga-in’s story, it was reported that Yeon Jung-hoon is confirmed to be alone on the first night.

On the other hand, Han Ga-in will reveal her nickname with her husband, Yeon Jung-hoon, and bring smiles to the viewers with the secret stories of their sweet newlywed days. Han Ga-in, who heard a client call her husband by his nickname, said, “We have too many nicknames. He came up with a new nickname almost every day. There was also ‘Papicula Lumpuyo’ and ‘Mimiku’, making Shin Dong-yeop and his client laugh out loud with nicknames that made people laugh just by hearing them. Shin Dong-yeop, who was upset by Han Ga-in’s TMI talk like this, admitted, “I called Sun PD without a nickname,” adding to the laughter.

Han Ga-in and Yeon Jung-hoon’s Wedding Story

online community
online community

Han Ga-in has revealed the secret story of her marriage to Yeon Jung-hoon in the past, and on KBS’s “2 Days & 1 Night” aired on April 10, 2022, Han Ga-in appeared as a guest and told the story love with Yeon Jung-hoon.

Han Ga-in “I met my husband for about 2 years and decided to get married.”He said. Then, Sae-yoon Moon asked, “Who brought up the first marriage story?” Han Ga-in replied, “Of course, my husband brought up the story of the wedding first. When I woke up, it was the wedding hall.”

Also, Han Ga-in revealed, “When we were dating, my husband came to see me even after filming ended at 4:00 am. It was dangerous to drive at dawn, so I I usually go on dates at my husband’s house. We got on well with my mother-in-law then too.”

“One day my husband On the first anniversary of our meeting, my mother-in-law said, ‘Should you get married next year?“I was 23 at the time, and I was amazed. I asked my husband if we were getting married, and he said of course we should.”

Another Han Ga-in “I went home and brought up the subject of marriage with my mother, but at first she was stunned. But after seeing her husband, she said, ‘The real thing is better’ and she didn’t stop the marriage. “He explained the reason why he married the late Yeon Jeong-hoon.

online community
online community

Han Ga-in, a 40-year-old Korean actress born in 1982, cannot be compared to other beautiful actresses of a similar age at the time of marriage. It is true that top stars Jun Ji-hyun, Kim Tae-hee and Song Hye-kyo were important affairs, but they married later after building their careers and cementing their image as top stars.

But Han Ga-in was a young woman of 24 at the time, and quite a few people were shocked that she got married when her popularity was on the rise. For this reason, Yeon Jung-hoon, despite the 4-year age difference, was just as young as him. ‘thief’ treat

At the wedding press conference on January 17, 2005, when asked how he got the proposal, he said that he received it on December 31, 2004, and that it was 600 days since they met.

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