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‘Along with the Gods Season 2’ Kang Joo-eun, what if a condom is found in her son’s bag?

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▲ Channel S ‘Along with the Gods Season 2’

[경기시사투데이] In Channel S ‘Along with the Gods Season 2’, Kang Joo-eun said that if a condom was found in his son’s bag, he would first say thank you to his son, raising curiosity about the reason.

Channel S’s entertainment program ‘Along with the Gods Season 2’, broadcast today, uploaded a video of 4MC and guest Kang Joo-eun sharing opinions on the topic of ‘What to do when you accidentally find a condom in your son’s bag’ on ‘Channel S” Naver It was pre-released on TV and YouTube official channels.

In ‘Along with the Gods Season 2’, 4MCs Dong-Yup Shin, Si-Kyung Sung, Seon-Young Park, and Yong-Jin Lee, who will show a more upgraded chemistry, transform into ‘food masters’, recommending menus that will make your special day even more special, and sharing stories and flavors together. It is a food recommendation talk show.

In the ‘Y so serious’ corner, which listens to and solves the story of the storyteller, the story of a parent with a son in second grade in high school was revealed.

The storyteller accidentally found a condom in his son’s bag while cleaning the room, and is in a dilemma of whether to try to talk to his son or pretend he doesn’t know. Guest Joo-eun Kang and 4MC presented their opinions in this regard.

Except for the host Lee Yong-jin, everyone from Seong Si-kyung to Park Seon-young to Shin Dong-yup cast their votes in succession to ‘pretend you don’t know’.

With the opinions of the MCs leaning to one side, Kang Joo-eun said, “I should have a conversation,” and caused laughter.

Kang Joo-eun was deeply immersed in the story as a mother of two sons.

He attracted attention by expressing his candid opinion, saying, “I usually talk a lot, and conversations about the opposite sex are open.” “If a condom is found, the first thing to say thank you is ‘responsibility'”

Host Lee Yong-jin asked the three people who were in the position of ‘Pretend you don’t know’ what they would do if they found that their son’s condom was spilled on the floor instead of in the bag.

Shin Dong-yup said, “What if? Then I will be scolded,” he said, making everyone puzzled.

He then said, “Dad’s condoms are on sale,” and as a condom advertisement model, he blew a promotional drip and made the scene into a sea of ​​laughter.

‘Along with the Gods Season 2’, which contains the sincere thoughts of guest Kang Joo-eun and 4MC, as well as drips bursting with laughter, can be found on ‘Channel S’ at 8 pm tonight.

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