Along with the Vizhinjam protest, the issue of Okhi rehabilitation was also raised by the Latin Church – Vizhinjam protest Latin church | Oki rehabilitation issue | Manorama News

Vizhinjam – Along with the strike against Vizhinjam Port, the Latin Church has also raised the issue of Okhi rehabilitation. The gathering also reiterated that the CPM-BJP alliance was behind the clashes that took place the previous day. Father Theodesias D’Cruz said that Okhi has not provided any assistance to the victims. We were stuck. This is a direct play by the Prime Minister’s office to create unfortunate events here. That’s when Anavoor Nagappan and VV Rajesh joined shoulder to shoulder, we were tired that day. 258 people died in our archdiocese in the Oki disaster. Okhi victims have not received any kind of help from Kerala and Central governments. Housing, children’s education fees and life jackets were only offered to those who lost their homes. Father Theodisius D’Cruz said that no one has received it yet.

Following the clash, the police appointed a special officer only for Vizhinjam. All coastal police stations in the state have been on high alert. A day after the clash, Vizhinjam is quiet. More police have been deployed in Vizhinjam and nearby areas. The battle of the Latin Church at the Port Gate continues. The Latin Church announced that it will also raise the issue of Okhi along with the current demands.

DIG was appointed special officer Vizhinjam R. Nishanthini will be the leader of maintenance of law and order and investigation of cases. There are SPs and DYSPs in the team. Apart from the attempted murder of 3000 people in the Vizhinjam clash, a case was also registered for the beating of KSRTC and KSEB officials. A case has been registered against fifty known people. ADGP MR Ajithkumar, who is in charge of law and order, issued an alert to all coastal police stations in the backdrop of the attack on Vizhinjath station.

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