Alpha Tauri F1, 2022 F1 machine “AT03” passed crash test[F1-Gate .com]

AlphaTauri F1 announced that the 2022 F1 machine “AT03” has passed the crash test.

In 2022, when a major regulation change is introduced and the basic design of the F1 car shifts from an aerodynamic-dependent philosophy to a grand effect car in order to create a close race, we see it as a great opportunity for the F1 team to change the power map. Has been done.

AlphaTauri F1 said on social media, “The first steps of AT03 have been completed. Much is happening at the Faenza factory, but we have passed the F1 crash test!”

The AlphaTauri F1 2022 F1 machine “AT03” uses as many Red Bull Technologies parts as legally possible. It will be equipped with F1 engines delivered from Honda F1 to Red Bull Technologies.

“I think this year will be the most difficult year for us, as far as budget limits are concerned,” said Franz Tost, team representative for AlphaTauri F1.

“In 2021, it was well below the budget limit and there was no problem, but in 2022 the limit will be $ 140 million and will be reached when purchasing new parts from Red Bull Technology.”

“This situation can make us difficult, so we will have to calculate very well from the beginning.”

AlphaTauri F1 will continue the driver lineup of Pierre Guthrie and Yuki Tsunoda in 2022.

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