Alpha Tauri F1 representative “Yuki Tsunoda’s radio hurt himself and his team”[F1-Gate .com]

Franz Tost, team representative for AlphaTauri Honda F1, admits that Yuki Tsunoda’s tendency to lose his composure over the air can hurt both himself and the team.

Rookie Yuki Tsunoda became a hot topic early in the season with a slump on the radio rant. As his grades declined in the second half of the season, his vulgar language on the radio also decreased somewhat.

“I regret it. I always try to control what I say, but it can be difficult. I’m doing my best. I always want to improve,” Yuki Tsunoda told

AlphaTauri Honda F1 team principal Tost has spoken to Yuki Tsunoda about the radio, but admits that it can be difficult to stay calm as the driver gets hot.

“You can tell him,’Don’t say this. It’s not good for your image. It’s not good for your team. Keep quiet,'” Franz Tost said.

“He closes the visor, sits in the car and has a problem. He’s upset for whatever reason. People have to understand that this is an F1 car. From the driver. There must be an attack. It’s not just rolling. They need to have adrenaline, otherwise they can’t show performance. “

Franz Tost feels that an emotional outburst can hurt everyone involved and hopes that Yuki Tsunoda can learn to stay calm.

“I would ask him not to do it. He can yell at himself. Without turning on the radio. It hurt him, and it hurt the team.”

Meanwhile, Red Bull F1 motorsport advisor Helmut Marko believes it could cause other problems with Yuki Tsunoda’s message.

“His language is not very Japanese,” Marco said.

“It gives him a bad reputation in Japan. I don’t know if he knows what that means.”

Yuki Tsunoda scored 32 points in the rookie season and finished 14th in the Drivers’ Championship.

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