ALPHAX penetrates the finance business, increases the capital for PP sales, exchanges for shares in “Maha Capital Holding” 76.78%

“Alpha Divisions” opens the year of the Golden Tiger Going forward to expand the latest business, the board approves the increase of registered capital of 108.90 million shares, allocating PP to “B Rich Holding Company”, a major shareholder of Mahatun Holding Company Limited (MHTH) in exchange for 76.78% shares worth Total 201.46 million baht, with the right to be a major shareholder in “Maha Tun Leasing Public Company Limited”, the leader of motorcycle hire purchase loans in Laos PDR. The executives revealed a new business line. Boosting revenue and profit growth Revealed that this year, it aims to increase revenue by 200%

Mr. Teera Chutiwaraporn, Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Divisions Public Company Limited or ALPHAX or formerly Ocean Commerce Public Company Limited or OCEAN, revealed that the Board of Directors meeting on January 10, 2022 Has resolved to approve the acquisition of assets by purchasing ordinary shares of Mahatun Holding Company Limited (MHTH), totaling 7,677,500 shares with a par value of 10 baht per share, at a purchase price of approximately 26.240964 baht per share, which is is 76.78% of the registered capital of MHTH from B Rich Holding Company Limited with a total transaction value of 201,465,000 baht by means of Entire Business Transfer (EBT). After the transaction, MHTH will It is a subsidiary of the Company and the Company will hold 76.78% shares.

The Company will pay for the ordinary shares of MHTH by issuing new ordinary shares of the Company in a private placement to the seller instead of paying by cash, amounting to not more than 108,900,000 shares. Par value of 0.25 baht per share at an offering price of 1.85 baht per share, equivalent to a value of not more than 201,465,000 baht (in other words, the seller will subscribe for new ordinary shares of the company The newly issued shares will be paid with the shares of MHTH that they hold (Share Swap) at a share exchange rate of 1.000000 shares of MHTH per 14.184305 new shares of the Company. The Company is of the opinion that such price is the most beneficial to the shareholders considering the value of MHTH and the current value of the Company’s shares.

The meeting resolved to approve to propose to the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2022 on March 4, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. by means of electronic media (E-Meeting) and determine the names of shareholders who have The right to attend the meeting (Record Date) on February 4, 2022 to consider and approve the increase of the Company’s registered capital in the amount of 27,225,000 baht from the original registered capital of 452,418,389.50 baht to the registered capital of 479,643,389.50 baht by issuing new ordinary shares in the amount of not more than 108,900,000 shares. at a par value of 0.25 baht per share to be offered to a private placement namely B Rich Holding Company Limited as compensation for MHTH’s ordinary shares by means of a share swap

“This investment is a breakthrough into the finance business. After investing in MHTH, ALPHAX will become a major shareholder of Mahatun Leasing Public Company Limited, which is the leader in motorcycle hire purchase business in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR). As a listed company on the Lao Stock Exchange which has a high net profitability It will help support ALPHAX with the revenue and profits growing by leaps and bounds.”

Chief Executive Officer also said. Overview of business operations in 2022, the company has set a revenue growth target of 200% by focusing on the development of all 3 businesses. Prepare to launch a project that focuses on horizontal and office building projects for rent It is expected that this year there will be a total launch of 4-5 projects with a total value of approximately 10,000 million baht, still looking for land that can develop products that really meet the needs of customers, such as detached houses and twin houses in the suburbs.

While the hemp business – marijuana The extraction license is expected to be obtained by Q1/22 and will accelerate the launch of partner customers. To accelerate research and development of extracts to be ready for large production scale machines, which will come in the second half of the year.

As for the finance business in Lao PDR, the initial target is to enter into more marketing. as well as expanding other products such as nano finance and electrical appliances, etc. It is expected that this year will be recognized revenue from the Mahatun Leasing Public Company Limited, which each year will have a profit from operations of not less than 30 million. baht




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