Alpine F1, 2022 F1 machine “A522” engine started for the first time[F1-Gate .com]

Alpine F1 announced that the name of the F1 machine in 2022 was “A522” and reported that it had started the engine for the first time.

Esteban Ocon won the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix for the first time in the team that started participating in the Renault F1 team as Alpine F1 last year. Teammate Fernando Alonso also took the podium in 3rd place at the F1 Qatar Grand Prix. He finished the season in 5th place in the ranking by winning the battle with Alpha Tauri Honda.

Alpine F1 reported on January 21st (Friday) that it started the engine installed in the 2022 F1 machine “A522” for the first time. The sound was released.

“This is our fire-up sound that heralds a new era of innovation and progress in Alpine. It pushes the boundaries of F1 technology. It’s a showcase of the collaborative spirit of Enstone and Willy. The birth of the A522. This is our first 2022. It’s a year’s fire up. “

Alpine’s F1 cars are given a symbol after the 1975 A500 F1 prototype A500, with “22 in the A522 representing 2022.

Renault, which supplies the engine to the Alpine F1, will introduce a new engine in 2022. Last year the machine A521 featured a huge hump for cooling, but the new engine is reportedly more compact, has narrower bodywork and reduced drag.

Power-ups are being made at the same time, but Alain Prost, who was revealed to have retired as a part-time director and advisor of the team this month, has revealed that there is a “reliability problem”.

Alpine F1 has not yet announced the announcement date of the A522, and it is rumored that Austrian water treatment company BWT will join as a sponsor and the car will be colored pink.

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