Alpine F1 considering canceling training program due to Oscar Piastri turmoil[]

Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi has suggested the F1 team could end its young driver program in the wake of the Oscar Piastri scandal.

Alpine F1 team reserve driver Piastri has been in the Renault works team academy since 2020. He won the F3 and F2 titles as a junior with Renault/Alpine and was tipped as a future Alpine F1 driver, but chose to leave the team and join McLaren.

This has hindered Alpine’s desire to promote Oscar Piastri to replace Fernando Alonso in 2023. It wasn’t until Alpine heard that Alonso would be moving to Aston Martin next year that he became enthusiastic about the move.

Oscar Piastri is officially working for the Alpine F1 team until the end of the year and has been on simulator duty since he and the team had a public falling out, but his impending junior course has left Alpine upset ok

Laurent Rossi says he feels “a bit rewarded” for claiming that “most people in the paddock feel the same”, attacking Oscar Piastri’s lack of loyalty blaming the story on him.

“This is not good for the sport,” said Laurent Rossi.

“I believe that there is not just a bit of a bruise here in Alpine, but a bit of a bruise on the sport itself.”

Piastri’s defection from Afpine, who supported Oscar Piastri’s career over the last few years and intended to give him F1 experience at Williams before promoting him to the works team in the long term, led to some suggestions that they should think twice before backing young drivers in the future . .

Mercedes F1 team principal Toto Wolff has been Alpine’s most vocal supporter of the scenario, arguing that his organization will be more cautious about junior program contracts going forward.

This comes despite the fact that F1’s contract approval committee has expressed its opinion that Alpine was moderate in its handling of Oscar Piastri’s contractual situation.

Laurent Rossi says, “We have burned everyone else.”

“The problem it creates is that the market becomes too liquid, which puts the stakeholders who invest in it at risk.”

“If you decide to save money every year by not investing in drivers, and then just attract them with those money savings, that’s a different proposition.”

“So I don’t know if we want to continue training their drivers or if we have to lock them into a deal that may not be attractive to them.”

“So how do we resolve it? Now should we continue beyond the current load of drivers that we have and we have multi-year plans with them but we will honor our obligations to the end. I wonder if I should to.”

“I doubt we’ll get a new driver. Why would we?”

Besides Oscar Piastri, Alpine also has Jack Doohan and Ollie Caldwell in F2, F3 champion Pictor Martins and F3 race winner Caio Collette. In addition, a number of other drivers are associated with the team as “Alpine connections”.

Alpine has yet to have a junior driver on the F1 grid while part of the team since Renault’s works program was revived in 2016. Guanyu Zhou graduated from the academy and moved to Alfa Romeo F1 this season.

However, Renault/Alpine have supported many juniors during their current tenure in F1, and the driver program was present in many forms during Renault’s previous F1 stints.

“This is part of our history,” said Laurent Rossi.

“This is the history of motorsport. It has been created by the stakeholders, mainly the manufacturers, by the driver program.”

“So we want to change that. Is it too dangerous? Will it set a precedent?

“It is also a value that we have. We think that when young talent is at its peak, they are already a very good fit for us and they are in our set of values ​​that click with us. “I believe that we can attract

“That’s the mentality we like, the values ​​we like.”

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