Alpine F1 Oscar Piastri “2022 as a reserve is not a waste”[F1-Gate .com]

F2 champion Oscar Piastri does not believe that 2022, the reserve driver for Alpine F1, will be a wasteful year.

Oscar Piastri is an outstanding driver for the 2021 F2 season, winning the title by 60.5 points in second place. He achieved the feat of winning the championship in the rookie season for the second consecutive year in F3 and F2.

However, Oscar Piastri, a junior driver of Alpine F1, was unable to secure an F1 seat in 2022 and had to spend the season as a reserve driver.

Oscar Piastri has shown enough competitiveness to win an F1 seat, but although it didn’t happen, he doesn’t think 2022 will be a waste of time.

Instead, Oscar Piastri believes that working with Alpine F1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon can be a valuable experience, even the experience of traveling the F1 calendar. I see it as an opportunity.

“I definitely don’t think this year will be a waste year,” said Oscar Piastri.

“Of course, I wanted to join the grid, of course, but there are a lot of things I can pick up next year, such as the F1 season travel schedule, and I think it’s very beneficial to be able to adapt to it without the pressure of actually driving. “

“And you can listen to Fernando and Esteban about the new car next year, hear how the car is evolving, and contribute to it in every job at Sim.”

“There are many more things to do besides driving to be a successful F1 driver.”

“One of the main parts of my role next year is to learn as much as possible from Fernando and Esteban. It’s also important to just ask them how to do things and suggest to engineers. They’re about ideas. The ability to think, not just to drive, but to think about what to change with the machine is impressive. “

“And I think that’s something I can move forward. You don’t have to drive physically. It will definitely be an important part of next year.”

Oscar Piastri is not expected to participate in racing programs elsewhere in 2022, but may participate in FP1 sessions at Alpine F1 during the F1 season.

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