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the electorate is upset. Interest in participating in the elections is decreasing again. Even if our “heroes of the protific resistance” (hereinafter: “HPFO”) manage to scrape together enough votes today to form any kind of government coalition with the Voice (and without the Voice it won’t work, even if we cut ourselves into noodles), in such a coalition the left would dominate – the one with a mixture of old and new elements (Hlas) and the indisputably new one (PS). The preferences of both, I believe, benefit the most if they are not expressed too loudly, too concretely and too directly.

Where does “We Are Family” actually fit on any dividing lines of the political spectrum imaginable today? I will answer indirectly: if you want to compromise the “conservative cause” for many years to come, let someone like Boris Kollár represent it.

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