Already innocent vs no right to delete the broadcast… Agadongsan’s ‘I am God’ broadcast ban will be decided next month


The case of an injunction filed by the religious group ‘Children’s Garden’ to ban the broadcasting of the Netflix documentary ‘I am God’ is expected to be concluded after the middle of next month.

On the 24th, the 50th division of civil settlement of the Seoul Central District Court (Chief Judge Park Bum-seok) held an interrogation for a provisional injunction against broadcasting filed by Aga Dongsan and the head of the church, Kim Ki-soon, against MBC and producer Jo Seong-hyeon.

MBC participated in the production of the 8-episode documentary ‘I am God’, which deals with related figures such as Kim, the founder of Agadongsan, and was directed by Cho PD, who made ‘PD Notebook’.

On the 8th, Agadongsan requested a provisional injunction from the court to block the broadcasting of episode 5, “Children’s Garden, Finding Paradise” and episode 6, “Children’s Garden of Death” during the broadcast of “I Am God”.

Agadongsan’s representative argued that day, “Chief Kim was already acquitted by the court on charges of murder and fraud in 1997. However, broadcasting still makes people doubt that Mr. Kim is a murderer.

MBC’s representative said, “Cultural Broadcasting is in a position to produce ‘I am God’ by receiving production costs under a contract with Netflix.” no,” he retorted.

He said, “I wanted to say that the mother tolerated the death of her son, the parents fulfilled the order of collective violence against their daughter, and worked without pay and did not seek rights. This happened in the Garden of Children.”

The court also asked whether it was appropriate to apply for a provisional injunction against MBC for prohibiting broadcasting of Baby Garden, saying, “If Netflix transfers (production), it is used by Netflix, so the producer does not have the right to decide whether or not to take it down after it has been transferred.”

In response, Agadongsan said, “If there is content that infringes on honor, or if a problem occurs and is confirmed at the court or investigative agency stage, the producer’s responsibility and how to handle the video are stipulated in the contract.” I think so,” he replied.

The court, which confirmed the positions of both sides, said, “The deadline for submitting data is April 7, and a decision will be made after that.”

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