Alumnus agrees with Shinjo Ham’s Sugiya “Variety Ban” report “If you want to perform, you have to play baseball”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Hichori Morimoto (40), a former professional baseball player and baseball commentator, appeared on the radio program “Hichori no WA !!” (STV Radio) broadcast on December 6, 2021. Mentioned (30).

  • Director Tsuyoshi Shinjo (Photo: Afro)

  • From Instagram of Kenshi Sugiya

    From Instagram of Kenshi Sugiya

  • Director Tsuyoshi Shinjo (Photo: Afro)
  • From Instagram of Kenshi Sugiya

“More name on TV with baseball”

Sugiya, who is popular for his bright characters, also has a presence on TV variety shows, and in the “Real Baseball BAN” project of “Tonneruzu’s Sports King is Me !!” (TV Asahi), Ishibashi, a senior at Teikyo High School. He played an active part as a member of the team led by Mr. Takaaki (60).

Sugiya’s off-variety show appearance was customary, but according to sports newspaper reports, Sugiya has been notified by director Tsuyoshi Shinjo (49) that he will not appear on the off-variety show.

When the announcer Norio Yoshikawa, the moderator of the program, touched on the topic of Sugiya’s variety show appearance NG, Mr. Morimoto, who is also a senior at Teikyo High School, pointed out that “In the case of Kenshi, I want you to leave a record in baseball.” However, he developed his theory as follows.

“He’s acting like a TV person, so it’s not a performance. If you want to do a performance, you have to play baseball. You don’t play baseball. That’s a bit strange. If it’s only on TV, it’s on TV. Isn’t it a person? I’m a baseball player, so I’d like to show more performance in baseball with the name that I made use of on TV. ”

“(Director Shinjo) should have bought a fist.”

In addition, “Kenshi is a player who is lucky to have a contract this year. Even if you look at the achievements. It’s a really tough word. He continued to make harsh results, “said Sugiya.

Sugiya participated in 54 games this season, his 13th year as a professional player, with a batting average of .117, two home runs, and nine RBIs.

Mr. Morimoto explained the reason why Director Shinjo issued a ban on variety shows, “Mr. Shinjo should be the director and buy a fist. I definitely want such a bright character.” I think it’s a message that I should make more flowers bloom in baseball, “he explained,” I want Kenshi to do his best, and I want him to do his best as a junior of Teikyo and a junior of Fighters. ” ..



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