Alzheimers Disease: New studies show how to prevent symptoms and improve cognitive health

Alzheimers Disease: New studies show how to prevent symptoms and improve cognitive health

Alzheimer's disease is a disorder that destroys brain cells and causes a major deterioration in cognitive health resulting in memory loss. It is the most common type of dementia and as symptoms get worse, it makes it more difficult for people to remember people, places and events recently. This hearty decline means that a person in need of full-time care needs full memory loss.

It is gradually deteriorating over months or even years but in rare cases the normal level of human medication is deteriorating in a short period of time.

As it gets worse, everyday tasks become more difficult and when a person has difficulties with familiar tasks, he can be very worried about those around them.

Experts agree that the development of the disease in most Alzheimer's cases led to complex interactions among factors such as age, genetic, environment, lifestyle and medical conditions.

Alzheimer's research is constantly evolving, but there is strong evidence that people can reduce their risk by training the brain and improving cognitive health.

A 2018 study looked at expert reactions to brain stimulation to restore working memory among older adults on a non-invasive technique that stimulated the brain and as a result improve the memory of performance in adulthood. between 60-76.

The brain training of a person may help to build and maintain cognitive skills. The brain has the potential to learn and grow and that is why it is essential to keep brain health active and practice a new challenging exercise.

5 of the best apps to train your brain:


More than 85 million people worldwide use the original oiliúna training app, and there are 50 colorful and fun mini games.


This application is designed to reinforce mathematical and oral skills, as well as improving memory, speed and processing speed.


This application has been developed by scientists including one from Cambridge University and relates to a number of games that children and adults enjoy alike.

Fit brains

With the greatest variety and help created by neuroscientists, this application serves key cognitive functions including concentration and memory.


This is the most advanced brain training app and helps with short-term memory loss. Designed by scientists and provides a balance between playful and mental stimulation.

Dr. James Pickett, head of research at the Alzheimer's Society, concluded: “We cannot cure, prevent or delay dementia and so it is vital that we examine all possible areas of treatment.

"Changing and correcting the brain circuit with technology is a new and exciting way of researching dementia."

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