[AM-PM] ‘Full release of outdoor masks’ to be announced as early as today

Today (23rd), here’s the AM-PM news station looking at the day’s main schedule.

Let’s look at the schedule together.

▶ 11:00 Announcing ‘Complete Elimination of Outdoor Masks’ as early as today (Central Disaster Countermeasures and Security Headquarters)

The Central Disaster Countermeasures and Security Headquarters is expected to announce a policy to ease quarantine related to wearing a mask this morning.

As the recent COVID-19 pandemic continues to subside, the government has been discussing ways to lift the obligation to wear an outdoor mask entirely.

At the beginning of May, the duty to wear an outdoor mask was lifted, but sporting events where 50 or more people gather were an exception.

▶ US Carrier Strike Team arrives in Busan… Participating in joint ROK-US training (Operation Base in Busan)

An American carrier strike group led by the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan arrives at the Busan Operations Center today.

It is for the joint US-ROK naval exercise, and is the first visit to Korea by a US aircraft carrier in five years since 2017.

This exercise is collectively interpreted as a sign that the United States is willing to fulfill its promise of extended deterrence.

This is expected to be a strong warning message to North Korea, which is said to have completed preparations for its seventh nuclear test.

▶ 09:00 Suspect of extorting bribes Lee Jung-geun, former vice president of the Democratic Party, is summoned (Seoul Central Prosecutors Office)

Former Deputy Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Korea Lee Jeong-geun, who is accused of extorting hundreds of millions of people won in bribes, appears in the prosecution.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office this morning called Lee for the first time as a suspect for mediation.

Earlier, businessman Park Mo claimed to have transferred hundreds of millions of won money to Lee along with a request for a business facility.

The prosecution, who seized and searched Lee’s home, is expected to focus on investigating the nature of the money exchanged between Park and Lee.

Today’s main itinerary ends here.

Until now, it was the AM-PM news agency.

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