Amarat not worried, received arrest warrant from Nang Loeng police station for lese majeste ‘Prayut’, report tomorrow

Amarat reveals she is not worried, she received an arrest warrant from Nang Loeng police station for insulting “Prayut” to report tomorrow

of the case Apiwat Khanthong Mr Deputy Minister and Chairman of the Committee to investigate and prosecute those who spread false statements about the performance of the duties of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet and crimes. or non-compliance with the law through social networks or the SorTor Sor, according to Prime Minister’s order No. 32/2563, reported to Nang Loeng Police Station investigators to prosecute Mrs. Amarat Chokpamitkul A member of the Kao Klai Party MP list posted a message on their Twitter account. who opens a public account Public access The Southern Bangkok Criminal Court has recently approved the arrest warrant for Mrs Amarat. Ms Amarat will meet with investigators at Nang Loeng Police Station on November 14.

On November 13, Mrs. Amarat the road Facebook page that the case of defaming the prime minister is not a case of serious punishment I have no concerns. In particular, there was no need to think about escaping. (Never think of escaping in all cases despite lack of confidence in the judicial process)

Before going to report to Nang Loeng police station to ask the court to unlock the arrest warrant tomorrow (14) at 1:30 pm For those who are interested, please inquire as follows:

If anyone follows the news, they will know that the Nang Loeng Police Station is full of defamation lawsuits against Prime Minister Mr. Apiwat Khanthong, Prayut’s vice president. Being a person who complains to a large number of people as soon as I can think, such as Mr. Hart Suthiphong, Mr. Milli, Mr. John Winyoo, professors like Ajarn Yukti, etc.

As for myself, I got a lot of summons. Almost countless numbers from this police station until I was confused and didn’t know which case was which case. Which case is called and how many times It’s all confusing, especially the day after the council debate.

I have not distorted In the past, I had reported myself under summons to Nang Loeng Police Station, giving evidence for fingerprints, and Nang Loeng Police Station took me to prosecute the prosecutor. who went by appointment The case is now in the prosecutor’s office.

After that, I worked in the council, in the party’s administration committee. and travel to meet members The content of important political activities in Bangkok and the provinces is almost never rest.

1. Requests for defamation from Nang Loeng Police Station many times have not been submitted. Because the current address and the house registration address are different houses.

2. Many times I asked the lawyer to inform the way. The police station asked to postpone the appointment. Because it goes exactly with the schedule to go to the states.

3. Once, after having health problems, having to undergo an operation at Phyathai Hospital 2, I asked for it to be postponed. And later, when the session was opened, he asked to use the privilege. MPs do not report themselves as subpoenaed.

while administering after surgery in The hospital informed the doctor that a police officer from Nang Loeng Police Station to check with the doctor who owned the fever in the place. The hospital, whether it’s an operation or not.

After opening the latest session on November 1, the past Even if I can use privileges MPs do not have to recognize the allegations. (I still don’t know that the court has issued an arrest warrant)

But this week (November 14-18), the council has been suspended for the whole week due to the APEC meeting. I saw this as a good opportunity, with free time, no queue for work in the provinces, so I informed the lawyer in a hurry to contact the Nang Loeng Police Station to report to the summons on November 14 at half past one.

After the lawyer called to make an appointment The next day, I learned from the media that I had been given an arrest warrant by the court earlier. (Just learned from the media that the arrest warrant was issued on October 26, 2022)

At first, the lawyer contacted to ask to go to the police station on the 15th, but after hanging up to check the work schedule again, it was inconvenient. So call to request a change to the 14th day at 1:30 pm instead.

Just seconds before requesting to change the date from the 15th to the 14th, police officers at the Nang Loeng Police Station quickly spread the news to the media.

In the news, therefore, the date of the appointment was posted on the 15th day, it was assumed that the police officers of the Nang Loeng Police Station were careless in their enthusiasm for pursuing the defamation case against the prime minister.

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