amazed! An autopsy of a 20-year-old green turtle carcass was found with pins, claws and nails blocking the intestines.

Loi Krathong Result! So sad, Tao Tanu, 20 years old, carcass washes up in Sattahip Bay. The autopsy officer was surprised and found a pin, a Krathong, a nail, a full stomach, an obstruction in the intestines.

28 November 2022 – The Sea Turtle Conservation Centre, Royal Thai Navy (SorPorThor.) was informed by Colonel Julathit Sri-anan, an officer of the amphibious vehicle battalion, found the carcass of a large sea turtle floating on land. near Kinnaree Beach (Had Khlod), Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, so he sent staff to retrieve the turtle’s carcass. come back for an autopsy to determine the cause of death at the Sea Turtle Hospital, Royal Thai Navy

To begin with, Dr. Kirin Sorapipatcharoen, MD. Center vet Examined and found the turtle carcass to be a female green turtle (Chelonia mydas), carapace width 90 cm, length 96.5 cm, approximately 20 years old, microchip code 116918551A was found.

The autopsy results revealed that turtles are very rotten carcasses. No external wounds were found. Many organs began to rot. Within the gastrointestinal tract food such as seaweed, jellyfish, fish roe, marine debris such as nets, nylon ropes, plastic sheets were found and many foreign objects were found in the gastrointestinal tract such as banana leaves, pins, nails from Krathongs which obstruct the intestines.

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